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More About: Ford Automotive Student Service Educational Training

  • Cooperative Education

    All programs having cooperative education method of instruction are required to have the following (but not limited to) in their coop program:
    1. A letter to all participating employers explaining the cooperative education experience. A college-wide brochure, identifying the mission and goals of the coop experience, should be included. Syllabi will be completed for each pre-coop, coop, and post coop course and shared with the participant and employer.
    2. Students will initiate the process for securing and scheduling an approved coop education employer sponsor.
    3. Training sites identified/approved by SCC's ASSET Coop Education Coordinator.
    4. Student job tasks will relate directly to the current course content
    5. Ford ASSET students must document a minimum of 300 hours (based on students working 40 hours per week) of work experience during their 8-week coop sessions. Students are encouraged to have more than the required contact hours.
    6. An SCC ASSET Coop Education Coordinator will visit the students twice per coop session. One visit is face to face. The other may be remote. Coop education sites that are more than 500 miles from the SCC campus must have dean approval.

    Program Goals

    1. Provide Ford current technical training in the areas of automotive engines, automatic transmissions, manual transmissions, suspension and wheel alignment, heating and air-conditioning, electrical/electronics, engine performance, and brakes.
    2. Provide an effective training program that meets the employment needs of the automotive industry as directed by Ford and the ASSET advisory committee.
    3. Provide students with safe working habits so as not to injure themselves, others, or personal property.
    4. Instill in the student a sense of professionalism, punctuality and time management.