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Apply To Graphic Design Media Arts

  • The next program intake of 24 students will be for the Fall 2020 semester. Applications will be accepted between April 30, 2020-June 1, 2020. Acceptance to the program is based on a selection process. Review the advising sheet for all application requirements

    Step One: Application
    Complete your online application to Southeast Community College.

    Step Two: Math and Reading/English Placement Score
    We accept the ACT, SAT, Accuplacer, or the Next Generation Accuplacer test. SCC uses the reading score for English course placement. Reading scores must be from within the last 5 years and math scores must be from within the last 3 years.

    • If you have taken college courses in the areas of math and English, please have an official transcript sent electronically through your previous college and our Testing Center can review.
    • If you do not have any of the above, you can take the Next Generation Accuplacer test through our Testing Center. Due to recommended health and safety measures as a result of COVID-19, SCC Testing Centers, along with all SCC locations, are currently closed. Once the College has reopened, please contact our Testing Center at 402-437-2715 to make an appointment.
    • If you have recently taken the ACT, SAT, Accuplacer, or the Next Generation Accuplacer tests and have access to your scores, please send us your scores. We will accept a copy or picture of the scores. Please make sure your name and test date are printed on the page.

    Step Three: Visual Awareness Assessment
    If you have already completed the assessment through our Testing Center, please take a picture of the form you received at the end of your test and send it to via email. If you have not taken the assessment, please note that the deadline has been extended to June 1, 2020. You will be able to complete the assessment once the College reopens. Applicants will have two hours to answer five questions which consist of still life drawings, interpreting visual messages, and demonstrating their creative thought process and communication abilities through visuals and words.

    Graphic Design | Media Arts will be looking for students who have an observant eye and who can understand and communicate a message through visual cues. Applicants do not need to bring any supplies with them to complete the assessment. Applicants can prepare for this by drawing and spending ample time looking at and interpreting design work from publications such as Communication Arts, Print, and How.

    If applicants are unable to complete the Visual Awareness Assessment in Lincoln, Nebraska, contact Graphic Design | Media Arts program chair Elizabeth Vornbrock,, to have your assessment proctored at another institution. In the email, include the preferred institution and when possible, the email or phone number of their testing center.

    Step Four: Prepare Your Portfolio
    Submit a maximum of six (6) examples of your creative art work on a USB drive during the application period. The GD|MA program will be looking for students who have an eye for and can understand and communicate a message visually. Portfolio examples should include still life or other pencil drawings. The portfolio can also include digital art, design work, paintings, and photography that showcase an understanding of: Composition, Texture, Depth, Line, Light, Patterns/Shape, and Vantage Point. Review the admissions rubric.

    Please continue to mail in your USB drives to the address below. Please note, we will not be able to confirm that we have received your USB drive until we return to campus. Once you have mailed your USB drive to the below address, please reply via email and let me know. I will make a note in your file.

    Step Five: Submit Your Application Materials
    Once all previous steps are complete, mail your application and all corresponding materials (USB, assessment completion sheet, test scores) to the Southeast Community College Admissions office at:

    Southeast Community College
    Attn: Jessica Himmelberg
    8800 O Street
    Lincoln, NE 68520

    Any applications or portfolios that are emailed or delivered to Education Square or GD|MA instructors will not be accepted.

    Step Six: Orientation
    GD|MA instructors will be reviewing each applicant’s Visual Awareness Assessment and portfolio against a rubric. GD|MA will accept the top 20 scoring candidates who meet all other program and college requirements. Applicants will be notified in May, 2020 if they have been accepted into the GD|MA program. Once applicants have been accepted into the program, they will need to attend a college New Student Orientation and a GD|MA program orientation to secure their seat in program. Students who fail to attend orientations will be dropped from the program and will need to reapply for the next available start date.