Graphic Design Media Arts Faculty

  • GD|MA has skilled instructors who have worked in the Lincoln and Omaha area at design agencies, in-house, and freelance.


    Elizabeth Vornbrock

    Elizabeth studied graphic design at GD|MA, formerly EIGT, with Southeast Community College. Before beginning her teaching career full-time, Elizabeth worked in-house as a web designer and front-end developer for the state government and national corporations. Elizabeth began teaching part-time for VPUB and GD|MA starting in 2013. She loves teaching in the GD|MA program because of its extensive curriculum and the ability to watch student’s skills evolve from day one.

    Faculty spotlight

    Elizabeth Vornbrock
    Program Chair, Instructor

    Nicholas Burroughs

    As a full-time instructor in the GDMA program, Nicholas works with students not only on a daily basis, but throughout their time in the program. He enjoys teaching students the fundamental principles of design, as well as what to expect in the professional design world.

    Nicholas has over eight years of experience as a professional designer including stints at large advertising agencies and small design studios within Nebraska, and has worked with clients such as Google, Sephora, and Twitch. Throughout this time he also operated his own small design business, working with various businesses and local non-profits.

    Prior to teaching at SCC Nicholas taught several classes at Metropolitan Community College in Omaha, NE.

    Nicholas Burroughs


    Gretchen Larsen

    Gretchen studied Linguistics and Cognitive Science at Wellesley College, where she first used code to run statistical analyses. She has been working locally for tech companies and as a freelance web developer. She enjoys experimenting with code, using it to create video projections for music events and art installations. She loves teaching in the GD|MA program, exploring new technologies and methods with the students, and helping students grow into their own visual style.

    Jon Love

    Jon Love is an artist, educator, and gallery owner living in Lincoln, Nebraska. Jon thinks art can be transformative, and would describe his work as “pretty good.” His personal work includes drawings, paintings, videos, and websites focused on the effects of digital technologies on individuals and communities living as we do here in the 21st Century. He has a BFA from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and an MFA in painting and drawing from the Herron School of Art + Design in Indianapolis, Indiana.