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Featured Alumni

  • Denon-FeaginGraphic Design/Media Arts alumna, Denon Feagin
    Graduated 2017, Graphic Designer at Ebbeka Design Co., Lincoln, NE

    GD|MA: What originally brought you to SCC’s Graphic Design | Media Arts program?

    Denon: I heard about the program through the former program chair, Sam Rapien, who gave a presentation on what graphic design was, and how it differed from art, comics, and other common misconceptions. Once I started to look at colleges, SCC was so affordable and close to my hometown.

    GD|MA: What do you like about graphic design?

    Denon: I love the aspect of problem solving. Everyone in the field comes up with different solutions and in completely different ways. It is a way to be creative, and yet make something useful instead of just something to look at.

    GD|MA: How would you describe your experience at GD|MA?

    Denon: It was stressful, but also one of the most rewarding seasons of my educational career. The normal daily stresses of assignments and projects is there, but the real-life experience I obtained really set me ahead of others coming out of other design programs.

    GD|MA: How did the program prepare you for work?

    Denon: I was well-prepared for the workplace. I learned practical knowledge and in-depth practice with programs that I now work with in my job. I also have the ability to hold my own in a client meeting.

    GD|MA: What is one of your favorite memories of the program?

    Denon: I really enjoyed our daily critiques over the projects we were currently working on. It was an opportunity to share our progress, but also a chance to open yourself up to classmates for constructive criticism. You only get better with the help of others, and I really enjoyed getting to see everyone else progress through the program.

    GD|MA: Did the College help you find a job?

    Denon: The program helped prepare me for job interviews, as well as places to look for employment. Without that base from the program, I would not have known where to begin.

    GD|MA: What would you tell others considering an education in graphic design at SCC?

    Denon: The first thing I would say is to understand the commitment. As difficult as it may be, 18 months is not a long time. It flies by, and if you are not careful, you will waste a great opportunity to learn a skill that can literally take you anywhere.

    GD|MA: What are your goals for the future?

    Denon: I hope to continue advancing my experience in the field, as well as continuing to learn constantly. The design field changes nonstop, so you have to stay on the top of your game.