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  • Intern Experience

    At the beginning of a student's last quarter (6th quarter), they will work full time for a two-week period in the graphic design field doing an internship. Students gain practical graphic design work experience for the development of marketable employment skills. Students may arrange to do their internships at advertising agencies, publishers, marketing firms/departments, newspapers, Web design studios, print shops, sign shops, etc. The internship is a 40-hour per week commitment. During the time students are doing their internship, Graphic Design faculty will come to the various job sites and visit with the students and employers to make certain that the goals established prior to the beginning of the internship are being met and to assure that the student and employer are having a productive and positive experience.

    Coming Up

    SCC's Graphic Design program is in the process of adding a segment for video production for Web applications. Web design is a component of graphic design that continues to grow and offer exciting opportunities for our students. One of the graduation requirements for every student is a complete Web site that includes a comprehensive portfolio and resume.