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      Kenya 2016 Trip Summary

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    Kenya 2016 Trip Summary 

Global Education Opportunities

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    2016 Summer
      Kenya Flyer   Trip Details
    Trip Summary
    All Students
    2017 Spring
      Brazil   Info coming soon Agriculture Students
    2017 Summer
      Guatemala Flyer June 19-26, 2017
    Cost: $2500
    Deposit due with
    application: $300 
    Health Sciences Students/Community members who are in healthcare
    For additional information email Jill Sand or call 402-437-2781
      Italy Flyer June 13-22, 2017
    Cost: $3940 (increase after Dec. 21, 2016)
    $50 down payment required
    Trip Registration
    All Students (need not be a full-time student to be eligible)
    For additional information email Nicole Trevena Flores or call 402-437-2886
      Cuba   Cancelled Humanities/All Students
      Haiti   Cancelled Building Construction Students
    2018 Spring
      Brazil   Info coming soon Agriculture Students
    2018 Summer
      China   Info coming soon All Students
      Guatemala   Info coming soon Health Sciences Students
      Spain: The Camino de
    Santiago de Compostela
      Info coming soon All Students
      Austria   Info coming soon Humanities/Music/All Students