You're a Good Fit: Architectural Engineering Technology

  • Here’s what it takes to work in the Architectural and Engineering fields:

    If you like to plan and lay out rooms and spaces, possess good communication skills, have the ability to find solutions to design problems, and an ability to work as a member of a team, this program is for you.

    • High spatial relations aptitude (the ability to visualize an object in one’s mind’s eye), can mentally rotate this visualized object, knowing what it looks like on all sides (can visualize what a two-dimensional drawing will look like in three dimensions and vice versa).
    • Good math ability in basic math, geometry and trigonometry.
    • Good problem solver.
    • Good communications skills (can read, understand and follow written instructions (can verbally communicate well with people such as architects, engineers, contractors, suppliers, and subcontractors).
    • Are a detail-oriented person.
    • Are a sequential and analytical thinker (can organize ideas to determine what needs to be done, step by step, to complete the job correctly).
    • Willing and able to persevere, staying on a multi-step task to completion.
    • Enjoys building things, both virtually and physically.
    • Willing and able to work cooperatively as part of a team (with architects, engineers and other designers).
    • Enjoys working with computers and is capable of becoming highly computer proficient.
    • Enjoys being in the office as well as being on the job site.