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You're a Good Fit: Design & Drafting Technology

  • Here’s what it takes to work in the Architectural and Engineering fields:

    • High spatial relations aptitude (the ability to visualize an object in one’s mind’s eye), can mentally rotate this visualized object, knowing what it looks like on all sides (can visualize what a two-dimensional drawing will look like in three dimensions and vice versa).
    • Excellent at math, especially geometry and trigonometry
    • Great at problem solving by utilizing both sequential and analytical thinking skills to organize ideas to determine the steps needed to complete the job
    • Detail-oriented with a strong perseverance to stay on-task from start to finish
    • Exceptional verbal and written communication skills
    • Computer proficient
    • Valuable team member who is comfortable working with architects, engineers, machinists, quality control personnel, etc.
    • Enjoys a flexible work environment between the office and job sites