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You're a Good Fit: Diversified Manufacturing Technology

  • Here’s what it takes to become a successful diversified manufacturing technician:

    • Enjoy “mind-on” as well as “hands-on” activities (good mechanical ability and enjoy working with hands, tools and machinery.)
    • Like to see the physical results of your labor.
    • Sequential and analytical thinker (you can organize ideas to determine what needs to be done, step by step, to complete the job correctly, and in a specific order.)
    • Good spatial relations ability (you can visualize what a two-dimensional drawing will look like in three dimensions and vice versa.)
    • Attention to detail.
    • Competent with computers.
    • Basic math skills.
    • Reading comprehension (the ability to understand and follow written directions.)
    • Oral communications skills (you can verbally communicate well with supervisor, fellow workers etc.)
    • You can work as a responsible team member.
    • You are not afraid to get dirty.
    • You are willing to work shift work (plants that operate 24/7 must have operators on shift at all times.)
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