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You're a Good Fit: Electrical and Electromechanical Technology

  • Here’s what it takes to work in the Electrical and Electromechanical fields:

    • Enjoy working in a variety of settings and willing to frequently travel to new work sites.
    • Good math and computation skills.
    • Enjoy analyzing a situation and solving problems.
    • Critical thinking skills.
    • Good hand-eye coordination and manual dexterity.
    • Enjoy a physically active job.
    • Able to see solutions to complex problems.
    • Good verbal and written communication skills.
    • Good time management skills.
    • Ability to use diagnostic skills to create solutions.
    • Working with a team to complete projects in a timely manner.
    • Enjoy seeing the results of your work.
    Work in the electrical field will provide you with a range of opportunities and work environments including; working outdoors on construction sites, indoor working with a design firm, remodeling projects, network wiring, and designing and installing alarm systems.

    Work as an electromechanical technician will allow you to work indoors in controlled environments, and the range of projects and job tasks may include:
    Installing, using, or maintaining robots.
    Repair or calibrate hydraulic and pneumatic systems to meet operational specifications.
    Be part of research and development teams.