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You're a Good Fit: Energy Generation Operations

  • Here’s what it takes to become a successful operator:

    • You’re responsible. Operators are in charge of a large, complex production facility. They take their positions seriously. Safe and efficient operation is largely dependent upon operators.
    • You possess good communication skills. You can read, understand and follow written instructions, and you can verbally communicate well with people.
    • You have the ability to perform physically demanding work in all kinds of weather.
    • You are a sequential and analytical thinker/problem solver. You can organize ideas to determine what needs to be done, step-by-step, to complete the job correctly, and it is completed correctly in a specific order.
    • You are not afraid to get dirty.
    • You must possess physical strength, agility and coordination.
    • You should be a person of character, honesty and integrity.
    • Computer proficiency is a must as all control systems rely heavily upon computer input and interactions.
    • You are a person who pays attention to detail and who does a job thoroughly.
    • Critical thinking is extremely important, as many things are going on at the same time.
    • Flexibility is a key attribute, as every day is different.
    • You accept diversity.
    • You are willing to work shift work. Plants that operate 24/7 must have operators on shift at all times. This means you will likely have to work some evenings and weekends/holidays.
    • You understand engagement. You are the eyes and ears for the control room personnel. Your senses are being used all the time to spot trouble with equipment before it becomes critical.
    • You understand repetition. Some facilities operate continuously at 100 percent output for more than a year at a time. Being proactive and engaged to the daily activities is a constant challenge for a plant operator. This requires perseverance and patience.
    • You are a team player. You will likely be part of a team on rotating shifts. Teamwork and respect for members of the team is essential for safety and efficiency in operations.
    • Mechanical aptitude is important, as well as knowledge of the many varied systems in which you will be responsible. These are the skills you will learn in the Energy Generation Operations Program at SCC.