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You're a Good Fit: Welding Technology

  • Here’s what it takes to become a successful welder:

    • Good spatial relations ability (can visualize what a two-dimensional drawing will look like in three dimensions and vice versa)
    • At least average geometry and basic trigonometry skills
    • At least average mechanical abilities
    • Enjoys working with hands, hand tools and machinery
    • Good communication skills (is able to understand and follow written and verbal instructions; can verbally communicate well with the supervisor, fellow workers, contractors, architects, suppliers, subcontractors, etc.)
    • Is a patient worker (welding is not done well in haste)
    • Doesn’t mind getting dirty
    • Can work well within precise limits or standards of accuracy
    • Likes to see the physical results of one’s labor
    • Is willing to function as a member of a team of workers