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Holly Johnson

  • holly johnsonGraphic Design/Media Arts alumna, Holly Johnson
    Graduated December, 2016, Web Designer and Developer at the University of Nebraska

    What originally brought you to SCC’s Graphic Design | Media Arts program?

    Holly: In a past job, I had to re-design the website to fit in a new layout. I immediately researched user experience and customer satisfaction. I learned how to implement the new layout templates and I loved it. I looked at many different options in the Lincoln area for learning web design and development and found SCC to be on the top of the list.

    GD|MA: What do you like about graphic design?

    Holly: I love all things design. The most important thing about graphic design is helping people understand a message. I like to help people and graphic design really allows me to help in more ways than I ever imagined.

    GD|MA: How would you describe your experience at GD|MA?

    Holly: Amazing! I was a non-traditional student, working full-time and attempting to go to school part time. It was a huge challenge as the program is very intense. I had lots of help from teachers and classmates. My teachers were always there to guide, encourage and challenge me exactly when I needed it, even when it may not have been the easiest route. After three and a half years, I was finally able to walk across that stage and it was the most incredible feeling ever.

    GD|MA: How did the program prepare you for work?

    Holly: I have worked at three different places in a design capacity since graduation. At all jobs, I have used the principles, concepts, processes, work ethic and passion I learned in school. I also learned how to receive criticism, which is imperative in my professional career. Most everything about the GDMA program prepared me for the workplace.

    GD|MA: What is one of your favorite memories about your time in the program?

    Holly: It always felt like a family to me, where everyone was there for you, in good times or bad. Everyone encouraged each other not to give up and praised each other when needed. I am not sure I could have made it through the program if it wasn’t for the support I received while there.

    GD|MA: What would you say to others considering graphic design at SCC?

    Holly: GDMA at SCC is one of the best experiences of my life. It will be a very challenging and fast-paced experience. If you put in a lot of effort and not make any excuses along the way, you will get further that you ever expected.

    GD|MA: What are your goals for the future?

    Holly: I found a great team that I love to work with. I started teaching some Continuing Education classes, and loved the experience of teaching and sharing my skills with others. I feel as though GDMA prepared me for just about anything and gave me a sense of security to take the chance when necessary!