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Hope Rose

  • Hope Rose, Academic TransferHope-Rose

    Hope Rose has the name of a poet, and her writing reflects the same quality. With two of her emotional poems, written from hard experience, published in Volume 17, Hope says writing has helped her make a tunnel through and out of bad times.

    Illuminations: Your Volume 17 prose/poetry reflected personal, emotional times in your life. Why are you drawn to writing about and sharing these times?

    Hope:  I have found for me that it is easiest to write when life has brought me trials. Words that are attached to emotions can be powerful tools to help me choose a new direction or work through mistakes that I feel I have made.

    I: Understandable. Both pieces also have strong ties to nature. Do you often use nature as metaphor for emotion in your writing?

    H:  I often use nature, or even world travesties, as a connection to emotional times or growth that I have seen or felt in my life. I use these metaphors because it is easy to connect life cycles in nature to periods in my life when growth was either stagnant or abundant.

    I: Hope, given this answer, what role has writing played in your life?

    H:  It has helped me tremendously as I worked through some major life changes. My poem, "The Summer's Storm," was written during a painful ending of a 30-year marriage and the loss of a job I loved greatly. Comparing what I was feeling to the building of the storm with its uncertainty helped me work through fears that I was feeling. I will continue to use poetry to help me work through things that will arise in my life.

    I: What other artistic pursuits do you enjoy?

    H: I also enjoy doing artwork. I enjoy making abstract art from reclaimed items, such as pianos.

    I: I’d love to see some of that work! You’re in the Academic Transfer program. What are your long term career goals?

    H:  I am currently a small business owner, and I am working to grow from a local level to a national level.

    I: Thrilling, indeed! Speaking of thrilling, what was it like to see your work published in Illuminations?

    H: It was very exciting! I felt as though my storm has passed, and things are greater now because I walked through it.

    I: And finally, the silly question of the day:  Which song would you sing on Karaoke night?

    H:  REO's “Riding the Storm Out,” of course!

    “The Fall”

    by Hope Rose:

    One month from leaving my marriage

    Warm sun shines through all the colors of leaves, all in various states of translucencies.
    They move on the branches, and the colors spin as if they come from the tube of a kaleidoscope.
    Their beautiful colors speak of changes that are to come.

    The fall is the thank you note to summer, just as if it were words on beautiful paper. It thanks the summer for sharing the blue, warm skies and for sharing the warm summer breezes. It thanks the summer for sounds of laughter it has heard, as well as the silent tears it has witnessed.

    The change of season is a struggle, each season wanting to hold on as long as it can, and each season knowing there is nothing it can do to stop the changes from occurring.

    Along with the beautiful changes of season come feelings of dread. Feelings of being alone in the cold, still winter. Feelings of being alive and ready for adventure are replaced with sadness that matches the gray, overcast winter skies.

    The large, wonderful world of spring, summer, and fall are replaced with a small, closed-in world.

    The adventure from day to day has gone, just as the beautiful colors have faded away.

    I look for the key to open this small, closed world. I search for the adventures that lay within this colorless season. Maybe the truth is this season of quietness is supposed to be just this way. Maybe the main goal of the stillness is self-analysis, self-awareness, and healing that happens within us when the world slows down, and we can really hear what our hearts are saying.

    As we snuggle under warm blankets and our world is cold outside, may we hear the life lessons speaking within us.

    And may we be brave enough to take them into the new season.