Housing Fees

  • Beatrice
    Beatrice Campus Housing Costs
    (per quarter - rates include Internet access, cable TV and $300 food credit to the Storm Center Cafe)
    Per Student
    Deposit  (refundable damage/surety deposit) $150
    Eisenhower, Roosevelt and Washington Halls (apartment style)  
      2-4 per room-per student $1,473
    Hoover Hall  (residence hall)  
      2-4 per room-per student $1,175

    Milford Campus Residence Hall Costs
    (per quarter - rates include Internet access and cable TV)

    Per Student 
    Deposit  (refundable damage/surety deposit) $150
    Nebraska and Cornhusker Residence Halls (men's residence halls)
    (includes housing/residence hall and board/cafeteria food)
      1 living space per student (with shared commons) $1,384
      2 per room-per student (Nebraska and Cornhusker Halls) $1,549
      3 per room-per student (Nebraska and Cornhusker Halls) $1,362
      4 per room-per student (Nebraska Hall) $1,247
    Pioneer Hall Complex  (apartment-style women's & family housing)  
      Cafeteria and apartment (per quarter) (4 per unit-per student) $1,691
      Board (cafeteria food) only - cafeteria rates per quarter (14 meals per week) $906
      Housing only - apartment housing per quarter (4 per unit-per student) $785
      Married/Single Parent Student Housing (per month) $789
    Note: Individual programs may require an additional expenditure for such items as tools, special uniforms, insurance or other costs. Expense sheets can be found online or contact the campus Student Services Office for information regarding the costs of a specific program.
  • Terms

    Term Start Date End Date
    Fall Quarter 2016 Oct. 4, 2016 Dec. 16, 2016
    Winter Quarter 2017 Jan. 5, 2017 Mar. 17, 2017
    Spring Quarter 2017 Mar. 29, 2017 June 8, 2017
    Please see the calendar for other important dates.