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How do I make a Referral?

  • If the situation is an emergency or poses an imminent threat to you or others, call 911 immediately. Then, as soon as appropriate, submit a CCR report summarizing the situation.

    There are a two ways to make a referral:

    1. Complete a CCR Sudent Care Report:  CCR_2c_horz150x73
    2. Email your campus/learning center contact:
      Beatrice Campus/Falls City & Hebron Learning Centers:
      • Dean of Students: 402-228-8286 or Ext. 1286
      • Safety & Security Specialist: 402-228-8279 or Ext. 1279
      Lincoln Campus (all locations)/Plattsmouth & Nebraska City Learning Centers:
      • Dean of Students: 402-437-2559
      • Safety & Security Specialist: 402-437-2408
      Milford Campus/York & Wahoo Learning Centers:
      • Dean of Students: 402-761-8270
      • Safety & Security Specialist: 402-228-8279 or Ext. 1279

    Information to provide in your report:

    Providing the CARE Team with as much information as possible is essential!

    • Student, faculty or staff member’s name and ID number (if known) and a brief factual description of the incident or behavior.
    • Direct quotes whenever possible.
    • Where and when the incident or behavior occurred.
    • Names and contact information of witnesses.
    • Your name, position and complete contact information.
    • Include all emails or other information you have.
    • Always save voice recordings, text messages and emails on the device that received them.
    A note about confidentiality:
    • CARE will try to maintain privacy but cannot guarantee confidentiality
    • CARE recommends expressing your concern directly to the student if you feel safe doing so.
    • Offer to walk the student to the Campus Dean of Students for immediate assistance.
    After submitting a report:
    • You may not receive a response from a CARE representative right away.
    • If you need additional information, contact your Campus contact for further assistance.
    • Report Online

  • Report Online CCR_2c_horz150x73
    If a person is an immediate threat themselves or someone else or is incapable of caring for themselves, CALL 911.