How does it work?

  • Students who qualify will be able to take 45 quarter credit hours (approximately one year) at SCC without having to pay for tuition and fees. Once enrolled at SCC, the student must maintain a minimum 2.0 grade-point average and pass the Learn to Dream Seminar Class to remain eligible. Eligible students in 11th or 12th grade may enroll in "dual credit" courses that provide credit at both the high school and SCC. The scholarship will pay the tuition and fees, and these courses shall count toward the 45 quarter credit hours available to each student.

    What to do next?

    1. Once you receive your scholarship letter, please talk to your high school counselor about which SCC program and campus to attend.  Contact the SCC Career Advising Center to schedule a consultation at 402-437-2620.
    2. Schedule a tour of the campus you plan to attend.
    3. Complete the admissions process.  Visit Admissions to get started.
    4. Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).
    5. Register for classes and start making your future happen now.

    What can I study at SCC?

    Southeast Community College can help you get the education to be successful at a career or move on to further education.  Following are the eight instructional divisions at SCC. 
    • Agriculture / Food / Natural Resources
    • Arts & Sciences
    • Business
    • Communications & Information Technology
    • Community Services & Resources
    • Construction & Electronics
    • Health Sciences
    • Transportation & Manufacturing
    For more information on Programs of Study, visit

    Student Responsibilities

    • Complete the Learn to Dream Seminar Class during your first quarter at SCC.
    • Maintain a minimum 2.0 cumulative GPA (C average).
    • You are responsible for locating your own textbooks and supplies.  Learn to Dream does not pay for these items.   Most students get money for books from the Federal Pell Grant which they receive by completing the FAFSA----Free Application for Federal Student Aid at


    The two most-common reasons students have lost Learn to Dream Scholarships.

    1.  They tried to do way too much at once!
      • It is impossible to work full-time and go to college full-time! Don't even try it. It never ever works out!!!
      • Many students find that part-time is better for them, especially if they are working and/or parenting.
      • Why take a full-time schedule and get D's when you can take a part-time schedule and get A's and B's?
      • Plan a schedule that BALANCES challenging classes with less-challenging classes. So, if math and science are your most challenging subjects, don't take them in the same quarter.
      • They should have WITHDRAWN from a class, but didn't. WITHDRAWAL will SAVE YOUR GPA! Talk to someone about withdrawing if you think you might not pass a course. WITHDRAW if you need to stop going to class for some reason  (illness, can't find daycare, working too much, etc). If you stop going and don't WITHDRAW, this results in an F. NOTE: WITHDRAWAL must be completed before the last three weeks of each quarter.
    2. They never asked for any help/advice.
      • If a class is not going well, get some help right away!
      • There is FREE TUTORING in the Library Resource Centers at SCC.
      • Learn to Dream staff will help you! In fact, that's our job!
      • Remember, we are paid to know how to solve the problems that college students encounter. It never hurts to ask.