• Girl

    Lanny Tunks, "The Girl"

    Lanny Tunks, "The Girl" 

How to Submit to Illuminations

  • Illuminations publishes creative prose, poetry, and performance/visual art, as well as academic and literary writing. We encourage submissions from across the disciplines. Our mission is to feature outstanding artistic works with a diversity of voices, styles, and subjects meaningful to the SCC community. Illuminations is further evidence that original thought and creative expression are celebrated by Southeast Community College.

    Illuminations is published in February of each year. Submissions are accepted year-round from SCC students, faculty, and staff. Email submissions to Editor Kimberly Vonnahme, kvonnahme@southeast.edu, with the following information:

    1. The title and a brief description of each submission;
    2. Your name, ID#, and program/position at SCC;
    3. Your physical address, phone number, and email address;
    4. Your motivation for creating each submission and, if you're submitting artwork, a description of the media and technique used;
    5. A brief, informal bio of yourself; mention unique traits, habits, or guilty pleasures—whatever makes you you;
    6. The following statement with your typed “signature”: This submission is my own original, unpublished work.

    Written work is accepted as .rtf or Word files. Submit artwork images or photographs as .tif or .jpg files. (We can photograph or scan artwork for you if needed.) Video files of dramatic, musical, or other creative performances of ten minutes or less can be submitted as MPG4, MPG2, MPG3, AVI, MOV, FLV files.

    The deadline for Volume 20 submissions is June 8, 2018. Submission form.

    Contributors should be aware that submitted work may be used in promotional materials, featured on the Illuminations Facebook page or the SCC website, or submitted to literary magazine contests. Contributors retain copyright of submitted and published material.

    “Like” our Facebook page for updates, creative challenges, news, contributor spotlights, and more. www.facebook.com/illuminationsscc

    Questions should be directed to Kimberly Vonnahme, c/o Southeast Community College, 8800 O Street, Lincoln, NE 68520, 402-437-2844, kvonnahme@southeast.edu