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The Illuminations Editorial Team

  • Editorial Team Members Volume 19: Rebecca Welsh, Nancy Hagler-Vujovic, Rebecca Carr, Teresa Burt, Jacob Sumpter, Rose Snocker, Melissa Nuss, Miranda Carlson, Paige Shore, Sarah Trainin

    Q&As with Editorial Team Members

    Anna LodenAnna Loden, Editorial Team Vols. 14, 15, 16 and 17

    Anna graduated with an SCC Associate Degree in Nursing in September 2014 and continues to work as a tutor in the Multi-Academic Center on the Lincoln campus. Volume 16 will include two of her submissions, a photo and an essay, and she was the Grand Prize Prose Winner for Volume 13.

    Anna blames SCC English Instructor Mike Smith for rekindling her interest in reading and writing. “The first class I took at SCC was Comp. I with Mike Smith, and it had a lasting effect: I wrote my first pieces for Illuminations, I joined the Editorial Team, and I met my boyfriend of almost three years,” Anna says. “I don't get to read as much as I used to, but I still find myself, now and then, trying to reach the end of a really great book when the sun comes up.”  

    Anna has enjoyed serving on the Editorial Team for the past three years. She teases, “My favorite thing about editing submissions for Illuminations is the final evaluation process of choosing my top five submissions. Just kidding! I hate picking favorites! But one Vol. 16 submission that really impressed me with its quality was a prose piece titled ‘Hope in Mordor’ about a fantasizing kid who needs some time to decide that maybe life in Nebraska isn't so awful. It also demonstrates an aspect of our publication that I truly enjoy: the way it encourages people from all walks of life to share from that life with the rest of us. Whether in art, poetry, or prose, Illuminations takes the mundane and shows how special it really is.”

    Carly BirmanCarly Birman, Editorial Team Vol. 16

    Carly is an Academic Transfer student who plans on studying sociology in preparation for UNL's pre-law program. She's unsure yet what she'll do with a law degree, but she considers a career in child advocacy a definite possibility.  Carly has always found solace in reading and writing, and when an instructor encouraged her to accept a spot on the Editorial Team, she was grateful and honored. "I've enjoyed reading the magazine in the past, and I found that it reliably publishes great work," she says. "I love the diversity of mediums, literary styles, and perspectives within Illuminations. I love the balance between the more humorous works and the more somber ones. The work contained within the magazine is as varied as the student and staff population at SCC." Her favorite submission for Volume 16 is the poem "A Moment's Peace," by Katie Madvig. "I love the way that the author used sensory details to not only describe the emotional state of the main character, but also to demonstrate the character's relationship to the world she inhabits," she adds. Carly will see two of her own poems appear in Volume 16 - "A Burned Child Sleeps" and "Chapstick."

    Nancy Hagler Vujovic_webNancy Hagler-Vujovic, Editorial Team Vol. 16 and 17

    Nancy is an Art Instructor on the Beatrice campus, and she enjoys serving on the Editorial Team to see what people are creating. Her favorite submission for Volume 16 was "Rational Fear," pastel/mixed media artwork by Early Childhood Education student Joelle Sandfort. "It was humorous, well-crafted, and unique in its subject and arrangement," Nancy says. "It looked as if the artist was having a great time, and I could sense the sincerity of the piece." She believes that Illuminations is an asset to SCC. "This is the opportunity for everyone to shine, regardless of their job or major," she adds. Past issues have featured Nancy's work, including a short story, some ceramics, and a mixed media drawing. Apart from her artistic pursuits, Nancy also loves her human family, her fur family, good books, global cuisine, travel, oddball galleries and museums, thrift shops, and raw clay. Her guilty pleasure is bridge mix.