Strategic Planning

  • The SCC Board of Governors approved a new mission statement and strategic plan in April 2015. The strategic plan is the foundation for all facilities, budget, and instructional planning underway at the College. This page provides some background and will include status updates as they become available.

    Strategic Plan 2015-2019

    Mission Statement

    The mission of Southeast Community College is to empower and transform its students and the diverse communities it serves. The College provides accessible, dynamic, and responsive pathways to career and technical, academic transfer, and continuing education programs. Student success and completion is maximized through collegiate excellence, exemplary instruction, comprehensive student support services, enrichment programs, and student-centered processes. SCC is committed to a proactive and evidence-based approach that continually assesses and responds to student, community, and employer demand for higher education.

    Strategic Goals

    • Enrollment and Program Growth
    • Partnerships
    • Financial Stability
    • Organizational Environment
    • Faculty and Staff Excellence
    • Student Success and Development
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