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  • Janet Scott

Janet Scott

  • Program: Business Administration

    Education/Industry Certifications: Master of Arts, Economics, University of Nebraska-Lincoln; Bachelor of Science, International Studies, Union College; Bachelor of Arts, Spanish, Union College

    Has Taught at SCC Since: 2010

    Years of Work Experience Outside SCC: 9 years. I spent several years in corporate communications and non-profit accounting for large national firms before returning to graduate school for Economics. Before teaching at SCC, I taught at Union College.

    Describe your teaching philosophy.

    My teaching philosophy is that student and instructor interaction should come from a place of mutual respect and desire for learning. Education increases perspective and thus deepens thought; it is a launching pad for life experience. “I cannot teach anybody anything. I can only make them think.” - Socrates

    Why did you decide to teach at a community college?

    I enjoy the opportunity to interact with students and to explore and discover economics as a practical application of daily decision making.

    What can prospective students expect when they enroll in your program?

    The A.A.S. degree in Business Administration outlines imperative business concepts and critical real-world applications. It offers a variety of class formats, three campus locations and works with the SCC Entrepreneurship Center. Students enrolling in Business Administration will work creatively on problem-solving, critical thinking and hands-on projects applying current business technology and practices. Instructors provide guidance and expertise to enrich the learning process and create a successful, productive environment.

    What experiences outside of SCC do you bring to the classroom/laboratory that enhance student learning?

    I spent most of my childhood years in Kenya and traveling the globe. I have 47 countries on my “visited” list. A few lifetime memories include falling asleep to the beat of drums of tribal circumcision rituals, horseback riding along the shores of the Red Sea, being in the back seat of a Peugeot for a month traveling from the equator to the Cape of Good Hope, and camping along the Mara River hearing elephants and lions way too close to our tent. I want to draw on these and many other experiences to bring international perspective to business education. I want students to consider the global impact of poverty in India, war in Africa, and technology growth in Asia. Students should understand the impact of their daily decisions on child labor in Bangladesh, consumers in Brazil and on their neighbors in Nebraska. The world is an interesting and exciting place, and bringing it into the classroom amplifies the learning experience.

    What advice do you have for students pursuing a degree in your program? 

    Think big and explore all options. Don’t limit yourself. The world is a big place waiting for you to make an impact.

    What do you enjoy most about working with students?

    To facilitate students realizing that they have the capacity to accomplish their goals.

    What is the best part about being an SCC faculty member?

    Professional collaboration and growth. Learning from and interacting with colleagues, both within the Business Division and in other disciplines.

    What has been your proudest moment as an instructor?

    Any time one of my students accomplishes a goal, I feel proud. One proud moment is when a student placed in the top 10 in the Phi Beta Lambda U.S. National competition, testing in Microeconomics.

    What do you like to do when you're not teaching?

    I love spending time with my family. My son is a soccer player and a runner, and I spend many hours watching his games and races. I also have three large dogs that I adore taking long walks with.

    What would students be surprised to know about you?

    Although I am a U.S. citizen, I identify more as a Kenyan than as an American.