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Joe Lambrix

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    Joe's heart-pounding story, "Chapter 1," was a favorite of many readers of Illuminations Vol. 15. While this marks Joe's first publication in Illuminations, his talent and perseverance predict a long publishing road ahead.

    Illuminations: "Chapter 1" is an excerpt from a book you've been writing called "Dreamweaver." How is the book coming?

    Joe: It's nearly done! There are two more chapters to go until "Dreamweaver" is complete. Then the arduous task of editing will begin.

    I: It was cruel of you to end "Chapter 1" on a cliffhanger! When and where can someone read the rest of your book?

    J: It may have been cruel to end on a cliffhanger, but if you're excited to read more, then the cliffhanger did its job. As far as the where and when--a lot of that is still up in the air. I do have a Facebook page, titled Brix Books, where fans can go to see updates and keep on top of any activity regarding "Dreamweaver." The "when" will be a bit more interesting. Publishing is going to provide many obstacles for me, such as finding a good publisher or going through self-publishing.

    I: Do you have plans to write other books? If so, of what sort?

    J: I do plan to write other books, specifically a couple of books following up on the events of "Dreamweaver." They will continue to belong to the science fiction genre.

    I: What do you love to read, and how have these books influenced your writing?

    J: I really love fiction. I gobbled up the Harry Potter series and have since bounced around, looking at some of the popular science fiction out these days, like "The Hunger Games" and "Divergent." As far as influences go, these books really inspired me to create memorable moments that stick with a reader.

    I: Where else do you get your ideas for creating your vivid stories?

    J: I've always had an active imagination, but it wasn't until I came up with the story for "Dreamweaver" that I wanted to write and explore my imagination.

    I: You're going to school for business with a marketing focus. Is that an odd major for a great writer?

    J: To be honest, I am not certain in the slightest what the future holds for me. Being born without arms has created many obstacles as far as careers and finding jobs go, and I simply embraced marketing since it seemed like it held opportunities that I couldn't find any other way. It may seem odd to see a writer getting a business degree, but I just see it as a guy trying to take advantage of the opportunities available to him, be it writing or getting an education in something different. I may not have success as a writer, so I have that degree to give me another avenue.

    I: What advice would you give others who want to write creative fiction?

    J: Don't be afraid to think completely outside of the box when you're creating your world. My story revolves around super powers, so I've really had to dig deep and try to create powers that haven't existed before. So for anyone doing their own fiction, embrace the world you're creating and strive to make it unique, even among works of the same genre.

    I: What other interests do you have apart from writing?

    J: Would it be cheap to say reading? I love to read when I'm not writing and when I have a good series to tackle. Beyond that, I enjoy sports and follow professional basketball, college football, and European soccer.

    I: And finally, today's Zany Question: What's the grossest thing you've ever eaten?

    J: If I think something has a chance of "grossness," I don't eat it! So to answer your question, I'll have to say nothing.


    From "Chapter 1,"
    by Joe Lambrix:

    Without warning, a trash can fell over, which made his head snap toward the noise. He blinked once and gasped as a cloth sack enveloped his head. Panicking, he flailed his fists, hoping to catch his attacker in the jaw. His foot slipped on the water, causing him to stumble. His motions ceased as he felt cool metal against his neck. A deep voice roared from somewhere to his left.

    "What do we have here?" voices snickered and whispered around Oliver, causing the hair on the back of his neck to stand up. He refused to move, but the cool rain made him shiver uncontrollably. He tried to calm down by taking a deep breath. The gun against his neck was pressed harder.

    "What are ya doing in my part of town?" the deep voice interrogated. Footsteps echoed across the gravel. The cool touch of the gun disappeared from Oliver's neck. He relaxed slightly, hoping his attackers would let him go.

    "Let's bring him with us!" the voice boomed throughout the neighborhood. Oliver was grabbed by his wrists and dragged down the street. He tried to shake off the hands that held him but was forced to stop when a leg slammed into his side and knocked the wind out of him. The crash of thunder echoed off old windows and doors. Whispers were barely noticeable through the wet cloth.

    A voice squeaked behind him, "Aye, T, you better get home before your sister freaks out again." Oliver's legs dragged against the rough pavement, and he winced as tiny rocks tore at his skin. The cloth sack over his face was drenched from the rain making it hard to breath….