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Kenny Beyer

  • KennyBeyer-webGraphic Design/Media Arts alumna, Kenny Beyer
    Graduated 2016, Graphic Designer at Nanonation in Lincoln, NE

    GD|MA: What originally brought you to SCC’s Graphic Design | Media Arts program?

    Kenny: What brought me to the Graphic Design|Media Arts program at SCC was the realization that SCC could offer me a better experience and education than any local college or university at a fraction of the price.

    GD|MA: What do you like about graphic design?

    I have an interest in artistic media. I love gig posters, music videos, fine art, short films, logos and identities, package design, typography etc.

    GD|MA: How would you describe your experience at GD|MA?

    Kenny: The instructors were very knowledgeable and good at communicating processes they’ve learned over the years. We learned so many important fundamental design concepts and how to apply them to real world experiences, which is something other colleges lack. The program also offers a variety of elective courses if you want to learn more about a specific area of design.

    At the end, we built our own website and created a portfolio to show possible employers, along with the knowledge of how the professional design world works. The program also sets you up with the opportunity to intern for two weeks with any design team across the nation, which was extremely helpful.

    GD|MA: How did the program prepare you for work?

    Kenny: SCC helped me find a job for a handful of reasons. The program really has good rapport with the local design community and manifests great students. Another reason is the amount of knowledge and experience the program offers. I found myself miles ahead of other students from other universities and colleges, which gave me a great advantage.

    GD|MA: What are you doing now?

    Kenny: I work at Nanonation in downtown Lincoln as a graphic designer. I continue to learn a lot here, which is what I want from an employer. I’m constantly challenged by smart and talented people all around me. One of my favorite things about Nanonation is the culture. Everyone is super positive and helpful and love to have a good time. My first day on the job I found a loaded nerf gun on my desk, which was pretty funny and ironic because I remember getting docked professionalism points for shooting people with a nerf gun in class.

    GD|MA: What is one of your favorite memories about your time in the program?

    Kenny: The sense of family is something I will cherish forever. During my time, we were in class 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. every day with the same 10-15 people. We often went out to lunch together, stayed after to work on projects with each other, and celebrated holidays together such as a Thanksgiving potluck or a secret Santa exchange. We were all from different backgrounds, and I will always remember that experience.

    GD|MA: What would you say to others considering graphic design at SCC?

    Kenny: I would tell anyone considering the GD|MA program to go for it. It is a tough program but more than worth it.

    GD|MA: What are your goals for the future?

    Kenny: My goal is to continue to challenge myself no matter where I am or what I’m doing. I want to keep growing and learning. One day it would be cool to have my own design studio. I will see what the future holds and keep working hard.