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Kyle Barnes

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     Kyle published her moving story, "Why I Seek Approval," in Vol. 15 and has served on the Editorial Team for Volume 16. She talks with us about what she loves to read and why Illuminations matters to SCC.

    Illuminations:  In your Vol. 15 biography, you say you are "transparent and sharing." How does this openness and honesty translate into your writing?

    Kyle:  I write what I feel and about what moves me personally. I believe that if you are totally honest in what you put on the page, that honesty will translate to the reader.

    I:  You're such a fan of Stephen King that you have a ¾ sleeve of King's The Dark Tower tattooed on your left arm. What about King's writing and storytelling attracts you? Does his style influence your own writing at all?

    K:  In my opinion, Stephen King is a master story teller. His descriptiveness and way of drawing you into a story is beautiful and artistic. He is so good at his craft that he was also able to take his master story line, which is The Dark Tower, and tie in characters, places, and objects from books he has written throughout his career and make them important parts of the story. By the time you get done reading the 10K plus pages of the story, you feel like the characters are part of your life-that you know and care about them. I have loved to read since I was four years old, and there are no other books that have made me feel quite the same way.

          He has definitely influenced my writing. Because of his attention to detail in his writing, I think about how things would sound, taste, smell, and texturally feel, and I try to incorporate some verbiage to describe those things in order to make the story more personal and real.

    I:  What other writers and genres do you enjoy reading?

    K:  I enjoy all literature, but Tolkien is another tattoo worthy author! I specifically enjoy books that allow me to lose myself in them.

    I:  Your short prose piece, "Why I Seek Approval," published in Vol. 15, is beautifully descriptive but devastating in its message. What drew you to writing this piece?

    K:  I was asked to write a descriptive essay for English. That's what came out. There was absolutely no premeditation to it-I sat down, and started writing this. Two hours later, I was done. I cried while writing it, and I cry every time I reread it.

    I:  You are an active member of the Illuminations Editorial Team this year. Why do you think a publication like Illuminations matters to a community college like SCC?

    K:  It matters because we need to have culture and art present in a facility meant for education. These things stimulate the mind and creativity, and, Illuminations, foremost, offers inspiration to those who read it.

    I:  Where do you see yourself as a writer in ten years?

    K:  I see myself writing when my heart tells me to write. I am not pursuing it for any other reason than I love to do it.

    I:  Do you enjoy participating in any other creative activities?

    K:  I love to paint, although I am not good at it. J

     I:  And finally, the silly question of the day:  What is your perfect pizza?

    K:  Artichokes, tomato, red onion, goat cheese, garlic, and chicken!

    From "My Kids,"
    by Kyle Barnes

    Jack is burly, yet thin as a wisp-not someone you want to mess with. He has an iron streak in him that is hard and tough as nails. His long hair gives him the impression of being much bigger than he actually is, and I think he knows it. He saunters around in that slow, hipshot way that only cats and juvenile delinquents are capable of, looking almost belligerently at everything with his lamp-like eyes that seem to glow from within. They are the color of a faded piece of seaweed that had been bleached by the sun after many long days since the high tide brought it in.  The gray in his hair is becoming more and more prominent as the days pass, but nothing will ever take that hard streak out of this guy--not even the ravages of time and age.