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    Dream Lab.
    Dream Lab students. 
    Dream Lab.
    Dream Lab students. 
    2018 Learn to Dream Achiever awards.
    Learn to Dream Achiever award winners for 2018 are (left to right), Sarah Lehl, Khatoon Mourad, Martin Beltran Tinoco and Angela Pastor Valer. 
    Jimenez Family.
    “If money is a worry start here, definitely make it your goal to come to college.” Jessica Jimenez, left. She and her siblings, Christian and Dulce, are part of Learn to Dream. 
    Aiah Nour.
    "College has always been a given for me, but the Learn to Dream Scholarship definitely made it easier so I can focus on school." -Aiah Nour. 
    Safa Salih.
    "I'm so thankful for the Learn to Dream program. It has provided me the right step to finish my education." -Safa Salih 

Learn To Dream Scholars

  • Scholarship pays up to two years at SCC!

    A college education improves your chances at having a promising career and fulfilling life. Thanks to the generosity of the Acklie Charitable Foundation, Nelnet and Union Bank & Trust, the dream of a quality education can be a reality for every graduating Lincoln public or private high school student through the Learn to Dream Scholarship.

    The scholarship, established in 2007, gives economically disadvantaged students the opportunity to complete up to 60 semester credit hours at one of the Southeast Community College campuses in Beatrice, Lincoln and Milford, without paying tuition and fees.

    If you attend high school in SCC’s 15-county area, you may be eligible for a Learn to Dream Scholarship which covers 30 semester credit hours. Check with your high school guidance counselor at one of these schools to see if you qualify: Ashland Greenwood, Beatrice, Bishop Neumann, Diller-Odell, Exeter-Milligan, Fillmore Central, Friend, Heartland, Johnson-Brock, Johnson Co, Central/Tecumseh J.S., Lewiston Consolidated, McCool Junction, Mead, Milford, Norris, Palmyra, Pawnee City, Seward, Shickley, Syracuse-Dunbar, Tri-County, Wahoo, Weeping Water, Wilber-Clatonia, and York. Graduates from outside of Lincoln High Schools are not eligible for a second year of scholarship.

  • You can apply for the Learn to Dream Scholarship if you meet the following criteria:

    • You are enrolled in a Lincoln public school or private school at the beginning of your senior year.
    • You must remain in the district until graduation.
    • You must be approved for free or reduced-price meals.
    • You must start college at SCC within one year of high school graduation.

    Eligible students in the 11th or 12th grade may enroll in SCC dual-credit and The Career Academy classes that provide high school and college credit at the same time. The scholarship pays tuition and fees and counts toward the 60 semester credit hours available to each student.

    If you graduated from high school before Jan. 1, 2018, you are eligible for 30 semester credit hours which must be used within two years of starting at SCC.

    Current high school students should visit with their high school counselor to get a Learn To Dream Application Form. Return your completed application to your high school counselor. Applications are also available at the Student Advising Office at the Lincoln Campus (8800 O St.).

    Once you are in the program, you:

    • Must complete the first 30 semester credit hours within 24 months of first enrolling at SCC in order to activate the second year (31-60 semester credit hours) of scholarship.
    • Must complete 30 semester credit hours within 24 months of first enrollment at Southeast Community College after graduation. The second year of study (31-60 semester credits) must be completed within 24 months after they completion of the first 30 semester credits. (Students who used Learn to Dream at TCA or for dual credit classes while in high school will use their graduation date as their official enrollment date.)
    • Must maintain a 2.0 cumulative grade-point average while enrolled at SCC.
    • Must pass the Success at SCC (AFCS1015) Class to remain eligible.
    • Are responsible for purchasing your own textbooks and supplies.

    Once you have been awarded the scholarship, we suggest you do the following:

    • Schedule an admissions appointment to be guided through the admissions process or to find a program which fits your career goals.
    • Complete the admissions process.
    • Demonstrate Math and Reading proficiency. You may send your ACT/SAT test scores to admissions. If you do not have ACT/SAT scores, you may contact the SCC Testing Center to schedule the Next Generation ACCUPLACER® exam.
    • Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).
    • Register for classes within three semesters of high school graduation and ACFS 1015 during your first semester at SCC.

    Learn to Dream Scholars are encouraged to stop by the Student Success Center for assistance with:

    Learn to Dream has played a major role in many students' lives. Here are some examples of what students say Learn to Dream has done for them.

    “It helped me figure out things better and helped to get college started for me.” -Mariah Nava

    “I knew I had to go to college, and my parents would always tell me I was going to college. This was one less burden for them since they couldn’t afford it.” -Jessica Jimenez

    “Without Learn to Dream, I would give up on my dreams and goals of being a successful, independent woman in the future.” -Faten Fanharawi

    "Learn to Dream has helped me begin my dream by being able to be the first person in my family to go through college after being the first to graduate from high school." -Tiffany

    "Learn to Dream is such a great opportunity for new or college freshmen. It is very helpful to me because it's paying almost all of my tuition fees. I am very thankful for Learn to Dream for all of its help." -Leticia

    "The Learn to Dream Scholarship is really helpful to me. It paid for my tuition and fees for 45 credit hours in my first year. During that first year, I hadn't decided what program to study, and I still didn't have a job. LTD helped me out with tuition and fees to pay for classes in which I was interested." -Diem

    "The Learn to Dream Scholarship means a lot to me. It paid the tuition for my classes. Also, it helps a lot of other students and is there for students in need. It's a great opportunity to dream and make your dreams come true." -Farida

    "Learn to Dream has taught me to dream. If I did not have the Learn to Dream Scholarship, I would have not been able to attend school now. With Learn to Dream, I know I will be able to continue my education and plan a good future." -Islam Mohammed