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      Butterfly Flower
      Haley Weiner, Associate of Arts

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      Dance Party
      Katlin Brown, Academic Transfer

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      Homestead Prairie Sunflowers
      Rebecca Burt, Life Sciences Instructor

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      Pure Beauty
      Dawn Clover, Administrative Assistant, Business

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      Rational Fear
      Joelle Sanford, Early Childhood Education

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      Spring in Bloom
      Courtney Rolf, Continuing Education, Business

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      Tulip with a Twist
      Jessica Vetter, Administrative Assistant I, Arts & Sciences

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      Very Calm Day
      Patricia Wagner, Retired Beatrice Campus Secretary

    • Womyn_web

      Joelle Sandfort, Early Childhood Education

    Butterfly Flower Haley Weiner, Associate of Arts 
    Dance Party Katlin Brown, Academic Transfer 
    Homestead Prairie Sunflowers Rebecca Burt, Life Sciences Instructor 
    Pure Beauty Dawn Clover, Administrative Assistant, Business 
    Rational Fear Joelle Sanford, Early Childhood Education 
    Spring in Bloom Courtney Rolf, Continuing Education, Business 
    Tulip with a Twist Jessica Vetter, Administrative Assistant I, Arts & Sciences 
    Very Calm Day Patricia Wagner, Retired Beatrice Campus Secretary 
    Womyn Joelle Sandfort, Early Childhood Education 

Literary Magazine

  • Illuminations - SCC's Artistic Publication

    See your creative work in print!

    Illuminations isn't your typical literary magazine.

    To start, it’s been repeatedly honored by the Community College Humanities Association as one of the finest college publications in the region. Recognition has included three 1st Place Best Literary Magazine awards and eleven student recognition awards for individual students’ work.

    In addition, Illuminations has reshaped the definition of "literary." We showcase all aspects of creativity from poetry, essays, and short stories to photographs, paintings, pottery, music, and video productions.

    And unlike many other colleges' literary magazines, Illuminations belongs to ALL of us. We publish submissions from all three campuses and our satellite locations, and anyone involved with SCC - students, staff, or faculty - can contribute. Student work is dominant, however, and cash prizes are awarded for top student submissions. We value diversity in opinion, style, and content, which makes our publication particularly interesting to peruse.

    SCC has many outstanding opportunities for expressing your creativity - and Illuminations is one of the finest.

    Volume 7-2005
    Not Available 
    Volume 6-2004
    Not Available 
    Volume 5-2003
    Not Available 

    Volume 4-2002
    Not Available 
    The content of this magazine does not necessarily reflect the views of the Editorial Team or the Arts and Sciences Division of Southeast Community College. The content reflects student, faculty, and staff work without censorship by the Editorial Team.  


    Illuminations is an annual publication with submissions accepted year-round.

    June: The end of the spring quarter brings the deadline for submissions for the next volume.

    July-August: The Editorial Team reviews all submissions and chooses those bound for publication.  Contributors receive news on the status of their submissions.

    September-January: Submissions are edited, and the graphic designer prepares the copy for publication and forwards it to the printer.

    March: The new volume is published and distributed.