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    Living On Campus.
    Lincoln Cafeteria
    Lincoln Campus Cafeteria 
    Beatrice ResLife Staff.

Living on Campus

  • Priority Deadlines

    Housing assignments are made on first-come basis when the contract and deposit are both received. We will accept contracts up through the beginning of the term, provided space is still available. However, if you want to have a choice of residence hall and roommate preference, getting your contracts in prior to when room assignments are made for the following term is important to increase that your preferences might be available. After room assignments are made, changes may not be possible. Below are the Priority Registration Deadlines for each term to have applications in prior to room assignments being set. NOTE: The earlier you submit your contract and deposit, the more likely it is you will have a room available.

    • MARCH 1 is the priority deadline for the upcoming FALL term
    • OCTOBER 1 is the priority deadline for the upcoming SPRING term
    • APRIL 1 is the priority deadline for the upcoming SUMMER term – NOTE: summer term housing may be limited by the College to specific residence halls as all halls will not be open for the summer

    The earlier you submit you contract and deposit, the more likely it is you will have a room available.

    Roommate Questionaire

    After you submit your Housing Reservation Contract and paid your damage/surety deposit, the next step is to complete the Roommate Questionnaire. You will state your preferences for the type of person you would be most compatible living with. If you have a specific person you would like to room with, put that person’s name on your questionnaire and make sure they do the same for you. Roommate requests will only be honored if both persons mutually agree. If you forgot to submit a roommate(s) or decide to room with someone after you submitted your form, contact the Residence Life Manager for your campus.

    If you find you do not get along with your roommate, changes will not be made in the first two weeks of the term. Our Residence Life staff will work with you and your roommate to try to work out your differences. After two weeks, if your differences cannot be resolved, Residence Life staff will change rooms if possible. Roommate changes are approved by the Residence Life Manager. If residence halls are near or at capacity, room changes may be more difficult to accommodate.


    Residence Life staff plan a variety of activities and events throughout the semester which focus on educational, recreational and social opportunities for residents. Examples include game nights, movie nights, speakers, educational programs, pool tournaments, basketball tournaments, and late-night breakfasts during finals.

    Resident Assistant

    Resident Assistants are typically second-year/second-term students hired to work in the residence halls. As an RA, you provide leadership, team-building, community development, programming, and administration to students living on campus. Each RA lives on campus and they are hired according to each campus’ needs. Contact the Residence Life Office for more information.

    Meal Plan

    A 14-meal per week dining plan is mandatory and included in the cost of all residence halls. Our dining facilities are managed by Great Western and include multiple food options like pizza, sandwiches, a daily special and a full soup and salad bar to appeal to any appetite for the all-you-can-eat buffet style meal plan.

    Facility hours on each campus are:

    • Milford: Monday-Friday
    • Beatrice: Monday-Sunday, including brunch on the weekends (a 17-meal plan upgrade is available for a small fee)

    Residence life students cannot opt out of the meal contract with Great Western. If you have food allergies or sensitivities, contact Great Western Food Service Manager for your location:


    Although SCC does not require submitting immunization records, being up-to-date on all immunizations is recommended. Per state law, you will be provided information regarding meningococcal disease and you are required to acknowledge receipt of this information. Detailed information about meningococcal disease is on our Residence Life Forms page.

    Vaccinations continue to be the leading public health prevention strategy to manage COVID virus and mitigate the spread of the virus to protect everyone. The COVID vaccine is encouraged for all residents to lower the risk of a COVID spread on campus.

    For Residence Hall questions, contact reslife@southeast.edu.