• Hang Thi Ahn Bui
    Hang Thi Anh Bui  
    Safa Salih
    Safa Salih  
    Nana Adabie
    Nana Adabie  
    Isar Shamal
    Isar Shamal  

Student Accomplishments

  • Learn to Dream can help you achieve your academic and professional goals. We are here to make your future brighter and successful. We are proud of all of our students and their accomplishments. Click below to learn more about outstanding Learn to Dream students. 

    Safa Salih (Learn to Dream Achiever Award Recipient)
    Nana Adabie (Learn to Dream Achiever Award Recipient)
    Isar Shamal (Learn to Dream Achiever Award Recipient)
    Han Thi Anh Bui (Learn to Dream Achiever Award Recipient)


    Student Testimonials

    Learn to Dream has played a major role in many students' lives.  Here are some examples of what students say Learn to Dream has done for them.
    "I'm so thankful for the Learn to Dream program. It has provided me the right step to finish my education." -Safa Salih
    Salih, an Academic Transfer student at Southeast Community College, is the recipient of the Learn to Dream Achiever Award for the 2011 Fall Quarter.

    "Learn to Dream has helped me begin my dream by being able to be the first person in my family to go through college after being the first to graduate from high school." -Tiffany

    "Learn to Dream is such a great opportunity for new or college freshmen. It is very helpful to me because it's paying almost all of my tuition fees. I am very thankful for Learn to Dream for all of its help." -Leticia, Office Professional program

    "The Learn to Dream Scholarship is really helpful to me. It paid for my tuition and fees for 45 credit hours in my first year. During that first year, I hadn't decided what program to study, and I still didn't have a job. LTD helped me out with tuition and fees to pay for classes in which I was interested."  -Diem, Academic Transfer program

    "The Learn to Dream Scholarship means a lot to me. It paid the tuition for my classes. Also, it helps a lot of other students and is there for students in need. It's a great opportunity to dream and make your dreams come true." -Farida, Office Professional program

    "Learn to Dream has taught me to dream. If I did not have the Learn to Dream Scholarship, I would have not been able to attend school now. With Learn to Dream, I know I will be able to continue my education and plan a good future." -Islam Mohammed

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