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More About: Major Appliance Professional Technology

  •   What Skills Will I Learn?

    1. Basic electricity for home appliances
    2. In-home service customer relations
    3. Electric and gas dryer technology
    4. Dishwasher technology
    5. Washing machine technology
    6. Electric and gas range technology
    7. Residential refrigerator technology
    8. Job Safety

    What Certifications Can I Receive?

    1. EPA refrigerant certification
    2. Professional Service Association Graduate Technician Certification

    Career Path Opportunities

    1. Retail businesses
    2. Repair shops
    3. Wholesalers
    4. Manufacturers
    5. Self-employed

    Job Titles of Former Students

    1. Service Technician
    2. Business Owner
    3. Service Manager
    4. Sales Representative


    Students enrolled in SCC's Major Appliance Professional Technology program have the opportunity each quarter to "learn while doing" through the Ride along Experience. Students will ride with experienced service technicians from area major appliance service companies for one to two days. The instructor/coordinator works closely with employers and students to determine the optimum ride-along arrangement.

    Ride-along Benefits

    1. A unique opportunity that offers occupation opportunities directly related to career objectives that could not otherwise be achieved in the classroom.
    2. On-the-job training for students under supervision of an instructor/coordinator.
    3. The opportunity for business and industrial personnel to become co-educators.
    4. It permits students to train in actual situations and with equipment that cannot be duplicated.
    5. Its overall purpose is the development of occupational competencies, pursuing employment in a real-life job as a source of learning.