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Maps and Directions

  • Beatrice Campus

    SCC's campus in Beatrice, a community of approximately 12,500, is located on the west end of the city on Scott Road, just off U.S. Highway 136. Beatrice is the county seat of Gage County and is approximately 45 miles south of Lincoln on U.S. Highway 77. The main part of campus is comprised of several classroom and office buildings, as well as three housing units and a gymnasium. Approximately 900 students take classes on the Beatrice Campus. Just south of the main campus is the Agriculture Center, situated on a nearly 900-acre laboratory where students receive hands-on instruction in six focus areas.

    Driving Directions to Beatrice Campus

    Beatrice Campus Street Map

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    Lincoln Campus

    SCC's Lincoln Campus is the College's largest enrollment center with approximately 9,000 students. Located on the east edge of Lincoln, a community of nearly 260,000, SCC's Lincoln Campus is comprised of one large building divided into sections per academic discipline, a cafeteria, child development center, gymnasium, and Welcome Center. There also is a separate building for Fire Protection Technology and a concourse for the Professional Truck Driver Training program. Lincoln, Nebraska's Capitol City, affords SCC students many amenities such as cultural arts activities, restaurants and shopping. 

    Driving Directions to Lincoln Campus

    Lincoln Campus Street Map

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    Milford Campus

    SCC's campus in Milford, a community of approximately 2,000, is located on the southeast edge of the city on State Street. Milford, a community in Seward County, is located approximately 22 miles west of Lincoln on Interstate 80, then four miles south on Highway 6. The campus includes several classroom buildings, a cafeteria, a gymnasium, and residence halls. The original campus, known as Nebraska State Trade School, enrolled five students on May 1, 1941. Today, the Milford Campus is home to approximately 750 students who are enrolled in 25 Programs of Study.

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    Education Square

    SCC's downtown Lincoln location, called Education Square, is home to a large Academic Transfer program, along with the Criminal Justice and Graphic Design/Media Arts programs. Education Square is a popular center for University of Nebraska-Lincoln students to pick up classes that will transfer back to the university. In the heart of downtown Lincoln, SCC's Education Square location is close to a variety of dining, shopping and cultural events, including historic Haymarket.

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    Jack J. Huck Continuing Education Center/Area Office

    Jack J. Huck Continuing Education Center offers various classrooms and a 75-seat auditorium, perfect for customized training for business and industry. Besides non-credit continuing education courses, the Center has classrooms for the Food Service/Hospitality program and Continuing Education health-related programs such as Emergency Medical Services, CPR and First Aid, and Nursing Assistant and Medication Aide. The College's Area Office, which includes administrative offices such as the president, several vice presidents and public information, is located on the fifth floor of the building.
    Driving Directions to Jack J. Huck Continuing Education Center, Area Office

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    Entrepreneurship Center

    SCC's Entrepreneurship Center serves as a resource center for anyone interested in Entrepreneurship. Offered at the center is assistance for anyone interested in starting a business or looking for direction on their path to business independence. The third floor of the center is dedicated to Business Incubation. The center also hosts credit and non-credit classes on Entrepreneurship and is home to Lincoln Public School's Entrepreneurship Focus Program and the Information Technology Program.

    Driving Directions to Entrepreneurship Center

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    Southeast Nebraska

  • Locations

    Beatrice Campus

    4771 West Scott Road
    Beatrice, NE 68310-7042

    Tel: 402-228-3468

    Toll Free: 800-233-5027

    Fax: 402-228-2218

    Lincoln Campus

    8800 O Street
    Lincoln, NE 68520-1299

    Tel: 402-471-3333

    Toll Free: 800-642-4075

    Fax: 402-437-2404

    Milford Campus

    600 State Street
    Milford, NE 68405-8498

    Tel: 402-761-2131

    Toll Free: 800-933-7223

    Fax: 402-761-2324

    ESQ Education Square Location–Lincoln

    1111 O Street
    Suite 112
    Lincoln, NE 68508-3614 

    Tel: 402-323-3441

    Toll Free: 800-642-4075

    Fax: 402-323-3453

    Entrepreneurship Center–Lincoln

    285 S. 68th Street Place
    Lincoln, NE 68510-2449

    Tel: 402-323-3383

    Toll Free: 800-642-4075

    Fax: 402-323-3399

    Continuing Education Center–Lincoln

    301 S. 68th Street Place
    Lincoln, NE 68510-2449 

    Tel: 402-437-2700

    Toll Free: 800-828-0072

    Fax: 402-437-2703

    SCC-Area Office

    301 S. 68th St. Place, 5th floor
    Lincoln, NE 68510-2449 

    Tel: 402-323-3400

    Toll Free: 800-642-4075

    Fax: 402-323-3420