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MEDT 1100 Procedures in Phlebotomy

  • Following is information for the phlebotomy course offered by the Medical Laboratory Technology Program at Southeast Community College-Lincoln Campus, 8800 O Street.

    Course Name: Procedures in Phlebotomy
    Course Number: MEDT1100
    Credit Hours: 2.0 Semester Credit Hours (Lecture and Laboratory)

    Catalog Description

    Introduction to the principles and skills needed to safely perform venipuncture and capillary blood collection techniques and special collection procedures. Quality assurance procedures pertaining to collection and transport of specimens, laboratory safety, ethical and legal issues pertaining to phlebotomy, and anatomy and physiology of cardiovascular system included. Supervised instruction and experience in blood collection techniques in the lab.

    Course Information

    Course day and time will vary each term. Find the current course times.

    The course will run in 8 week sessions. During the spring and fall semester there will be a course that runs the first 8 weeks of the semester and a course that runs the last 8 weeks of the semester. During the summer the course will run the entirety of the 8 week term.

    The procedures in phlebotomy class is offered both in the traditional, face-to-face setting and in a hybrid setting.

    Face-to-Face (MEDT1100-LN)

    In the traditional,face-to-face class, students are required to come to campus one day per week. The first hour of class is theory based instructions, led by an instructor, and the reminder of the class time is spent with hands-on instruction for obtaining blood samples. You will practice drawing blood on your classmates and they will practice on you.

    Hybrid (MEDT1100-HB)

    In the hybrid course, the student is responsible for learning the theory based material through the resources provided via the college's learning management system. Students are still required to come to campus one day per week for hands-on instruction of obtaining blood samples. You will practice drawing blood on your classmates and they will practice on you.

    PLEASE NOTE:  Computer access is required for this class.  Homework for the procedures in phlebotomy class will be completed and submitted using a computer.  Computers are available for use on campus in the Learning Resource Center.

    PLEASE NOTE:  If English is not your first language. To be successful in the Procedures in Phlebotomy course, it is recommended that you have completed ESL Level 8 or higher.  For more information, visit SCC's English as a Second Language page.

      Tuition & Fees: See the Current Tuition and Fees webpage.
      Textbook: Schaub-Di Lorenzo, Marjorie and King-Strasinger, Susan (2016). Blood Collection A Short Course. F.A. Davis Company, Philadelphia, PA  Approx. $50.00 + tax
      Gloves: Disposable, latex-free, powder-free, vinyl-free Approx. $9.00 + tax
      Laboratory Coat: Disposable:$11.00–14.00 each + tax
    Estimated Total Cost:   $285.00-$295.00
    Textbook, disposable laboratory coat and powder-free, latex-free, vinyl-free disposable gloves are required. They are available for purchase in the SCC Campus Bookstore, Lincoln Campus.

    The student who successfully completes the course may apply for an entry-level phlebotomy position.  Proof of successfully completing the course can be obtained by printing off a copy of a Southeast Community College transcript using WebAdvisor.

    Certification through the American Society for Clinical Pathology is optional.

    The State of Nebraska does not require phlebotomists to be certified.

    Information on Phlebotomy Certification

    Certification by American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP) Board of Certification as a phlebotomy technician requires high school graduation (or equivalent) AND completion of one year full time acceptable work experience as a phlebotomy technician in a CLIA regulated, accredited laboratory within the last five years. This experience must include venipunctures, skin punctures and orientation in a full service laboratory.

    Please refer to ASCP Board of Certification to find more information on phlebotomy certification (PBT). Route 3 is the route our students would be eligible for after one year of full time experience as a phlebotomist.

    To meet requirements for application to take the national ASCP Board of Certification examination, the applicant must have clinical experience in phlebotomy. The course, MEDT1100, prepares the student who successfully completes the course with entry level skills to apply for a phlebotomy position in an institution where phlebotomy is performed.