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Mission Statement

  • The Mission. . .

    The mission of Southeast Community College is to empower and transform the diverse learners and communities of southeast Nebraska through accessible lifelong educational opportunities. The College provides dynamic and responsive pathways to career and technical, academic transfer, and continuing education programs that contribute to personal, community, and workforce development.

    Core Values

    1. Excellence – Commitment to the highest level of performance in all facets of the College’s programs, services, and operations through effective investment and support of all assets.
    2. Integrity – Continuous pursuit of fulfillment of mission and goals through transparency and ethical practices in all College operations.
    3. Innovation – Commitment to inquiry and the respectful challenging of assumptions to promote creativity, alternative points of view, and opportunities for ongoing discovery.
    4. Inclusion – Promotion of opportunities and advancement for a diverse and dynamic student, faculty/staff, and community population through the creation of a positive, compassionate, and reflective culture.
    5. Stewardship and Accountability – Commitment to investment in appropriate resources in fulfillment of the College’s mission and goals and reliance on responsible management of human, physical, and financial resources.