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Three SCC instructors awarded for service to Milford Campus

Furry and Koster
Gene Furry, left, is congratulated by Milford Campus Director Ed Koster.
Reinsch and Koster
Ken Reinsch, left, is congratulated by Milford Campus Director Ed Koster.
Doug Burks Safety Award
Doug Burks, left, is congratulated by Paul Tvrdy.

Gene Furry and Ken Reinsch received the E.W. “Al” Havener Service Award and Doug Burks received the 2015 Safety Award during the July 13 in-service on the Milford Campus of Southeast Community College.

Furry is an Automotive Technology instructor, Reinsch is an Electrical/Electromechanical Technology instructor and Burks is an Energy Generation Operations instructor.

The E.W. “Al” Havener Service Award is named after Al Havener, who retired years ago as a Welding Technology instructor and program chair. He was the first instructor to serve 35 years, so in his honor, the Milford Campus established the E.W. “Al” Havener Service Award given to employees who have served 35 years. This award recognizes faculty and staff who have dedicated their working life to Southeast Community College’s Milford Campus.

Furry said the award has deeper meaning than years of service.

“The award is not just about 35 years,” he said. “It’s more about enjoying helping students succeed, or you wouldn’t be doing it for 35 years.”

Reinsch said many changes have occurred during his 35-year tenure.

“I was one of the first to have a desktop computer,” Reinsch said. “I shared it with another instructor. AutoCad became a program that was taught to my Electrical and Electromechanical students because power companies wanted workers who understood electricity as well as AutoCad. I also introduced Programmable Logic Controllers and robotics into the program.”

Reinsch went on to say, “Patience, perseverance and persistence. Patience to work with students on a daily basis and also to work with superiors on ideas for change. Perseverance, by making ideas become reality over years of working with advisors and administration. And persistence, because people don’t always get on board with ideas for change.”

Paul Tvrdy, Physical Plant maintenance worker, presented Burks with the 2015 Safety Award. John Pierce, Energy Generation Operations program chair, nominated Burks for the award.

Ever since I met Doug Burks I sensed integrity and a deep caring about doing the right thing,” Pierce said. “He has proven me right over and over. His commitment to students, SCC, our program, our campus, and especially the safety of everyone around him is apparent through his passion regarding teaching safety topics. He conducts deep research on the latest safety topics and laws, incorporating the very latest news and current events into his safety classes and has even recently earned the title of OSHA 10-hour safety trainer. Doug consistently reaches out to other programs at SCC to offer his assistance and expertise on safety topics. You will never hear Doug say he is too busy or not interested in helping someone out. It is my honor to know and work directly with Doug Burks. We are lucky he is with us.”


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