Hot dog-eating contest held on Beatrice Campus

Winning Team
From left: Tychicus Anderson, Altez Davis, Londell Stephens, Rakeem Hicks and head men’s basketball coach Joel Wooton.
Bob Morgan Hot Dog Eating
Bob Morgan, dean of virtual learning/Beatrice Campus director, demonstrates his technique.
Alan Rumbaugh Hot Dog Eating Contest
Alan Rumbaugh, instructor in the Agriculture Business & Management Technology program, digs in.

Joey Chestnut, you’re safe . . . for now.

Chestnut won his eighth Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest on July 4, inhaling 61 dogs and buns in 10 minutes.

Southeast Community College’s Beatrice Campus held its own hot dog-eating contest on July 16. Twelve teams of four people, including one SCC employee, participated. Contestants had five minutes to eat as many hot dogs as they could and drink one 16-ounce glass of water. Another rule was that everyone on the team had to eat at least one hot dog. The event was held in the snack bar area inside the Kennedy Center.

Head men’s basketball coach Joel Wooton’s team of Rauch Tang of Lincoln (non-eater; served as official counter for the team), Tychicus Anderson of Hastings, Altez Davis of Danville, Ill., Londell Stephens of Yonkers, N.Y., and Rakeem Hicks of Salley, S.C., won the event by consuming 21 hot dogs. The students said they didn’t care about winning the contest; they were in it for the free food.

The Student Activities group on the Beatrice Campus purchased the hot dogs and buns, and the SCC Ag Club helped sponsor the event.

Other SCC faculty and staff who participated were Dean of Virtual Learning/Beatrice Campus Director Bob Morgan; Dean of Student Services Dr. Tom Cardwell; Agriculture Business & Management Technology instructors Kenni Woerner, Alan Rumbaugh, Lynn Schlake, Lane Yocum, Mark Goes, Kevin Christiansen, Alex Goeckel, and Mark Duffek; and Residential Services Manager Lacey Jurgens.

Assisting with the food were SCC employees Amanda Fairley, instructor in the Agriculture Business & Management Technology program; Annie Erichsen, chair of the program; Casey Holsing, admissions representative; Carrie Puhalla, head volleyball coach and student activities coordinator; and Travis Pralle, instructor in the Agriculture Business & Management Technology program.

Following the event, Morgan said he could use a stomach-settling product and that he was skipping dinner.


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