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SCC Board approves $2 increase in tuition for 2015-16

On Tuesday the Southeast Community College Board of Governors voted 7-3 to increase tuition by $2 per quarter credit hour effective July 1.

Three Board members had spoken in favor of a dollar increase. Board members Ruth Johnson, Helen Griffin and Ed Price voted against the $2 increase. Board member Bob Feit did not attend the meeting.

Ernest Brodecky, Lincoln Campus Student Senate president and student representative to the BOG, said if the cost of tuition was increased, students would expect to see some benefits.

“Students are fine with an increase as long as they see something in return,” he said. “Students won’t notice a $2 increase.”

With the increase, Nebraska resident students will pay $60.50 per quarter credit hour. Non-residents will pay $74.50 per quarter credit hour. The Board left Student Fees at $1.25 per quarter credit hour for all students.

Dr. Paul Illich, SCC president, said it was important for the College to keep the cost of tuition affordable since that provides a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Four of the five other community colleges in the state have set their tuition and fee rates for 2015-16. Central Community College raised its rate 2.17 percent to $94 per semester credit hour ($82 tuition and $12 fees), Mid-Plaines increased its rate 2.13 percent to $96 per semester credit hour ($81 tuition and $15 fees), Northeast increased its rate 4.46 percent to $105.50 per semester credit hour ($86 tuition and $19.50 fees), and Western increased its rate 4.81 percent to $109 per semester credit hour ($91.50 tuition and 17.50 fees). Metro’s Board will not set its rate until May.

If SCC’s quarter credit hour rate is converted to a semester rate, the new figures would be $92.63 per hour ($90.75 tuition and $1.88 fees). SCC’s rate increase is 3.35 percent.


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