SCC Energy Generation Operations students pass challenging exam on first attempt

Students in Southeast Community College’s Energy Generation Operations program recently passed the Fifth Class Power Engineer certification exam on the first attempt, a rare feat, according to Program Chair John Pierce.

“It is highly unusual for people to pass this exam on the first attempt,” Pierce said. “It is a testament to how hard the students worked in class.”

Each of the five students from the program who took the test passed on the first try. They are Daniel Behrens of Sterling, Ryan David of Milford, and Zach Shotkoski, Jayson Wallasky and Kyle Watson, all of Lincoln.

Glenn Martin, plant superintendent at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s East Campus Physical Plant, offered congratulations to the students “for passing a difficult test.”

“As chief examiner for the National Institute for the Uniform Licensing of Power Engineers, Inc., in the state of Nebraska, I reviewed their applications and approved their credentials for taking the test,” Martin said. “As a boiler operator, instructor and examiner, I congratulate both the students who stood for the examination and the program and instructors who helped them prepare. It is a tribute to the degree of professional excellence the Energy Generation Operations program strives for.”

The exam covers a variety of material, including act and codes; applied science; pumps, piping and valves; boiler details, fittings and controls; boiler operation, maintenance and water treatment; heating systems and human comfort; refrigeration and air conditioning (systems and auxiliaries); air compression; and electricity.

The NIULPE is the only Internationally Recognized Third Party Certifier of Power Engineering Qualifications in the United States. Its goal is to improve safety and operating standards in the workplace of all operating organizations through certification of operator knowledge by the use of a rigorously created, validated and maintained series of examinations over a number of classifications.

NIULPE Inc. is an incorporated not-for-profit, third-party certification organization that acts on an international level to establish standards for boiler firemen and water-tenders, engineers, operators, examiners, instructors, and the licensing agencies currently existing. In addition, NIULPE will accredit courses taught in Power Engineering and related Technologies which meet the NIULPE, Inc. minimum requirements. This organization has established standards to commission those technical and academic instructors of these technologies.

Persons interested in more information on SCC’s Energy Generation Operations program are asked to contact Pierce at 402-761-8394 or


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