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Lincoln Campus Unveils New Store

New bookstore
New campus store features more apparel.
More snacks, soda and convenience foods are in the campus store.
Students now bring their book list to the back of the store, and employees will find the books for you.

In her 25 years as bookstore manager, Pam Sedlacek says the store’s move last December was definitely one of the more momentous occasions.

“This is the best change,” she said. “Now we’re able to have all of our items in one location, I can go in the back room and not run down the hall. That’s huge for me.”

The new store is kitty-corner from the former location across from the cafeteria. The old store wasn’t big enough, so Sedlacek and other employees had to go down the hall to the storage rooms when a student requested a particular book. Now everything is in one, contained space.

“Before we were all in the same area, making due,” she explained. “The layout was very awkward, and it wasn’t user-friendly at all. This (new space) gave us the opportunity to decide how we wanted it.”

Now, students don’t have to walk around and search for the textbooks they’re looking for. Instead, they bring their list to the counter and Sedlacek or one of her employees will get that book for them in the back room. It’s more customer-service oriented now.

“It took a little while to get used to it, but now things are running well,” she said.

In addition to the new way of claiming books, the campus store has increased its clothing inventory to include Nike merchandise as well as the Under Armour collection. There’s also more food, including soda, snacks and portable lunches.

Pam says she has heard nothing but positive comments about the new space.

“I haven’t heard anything negative,” she said. “Everybody likes the way they can look at the clothes and the counter snacks.”

The official name has changed from SCC Bookstore to SCC Campus Store.

“We decided we are much more than a bookstore,” Sedlacek said.

Popular items at the store include electronic items, earbuds, school supplies, and now food. Sales on food and beverages have increased four times.

The staff includes four full-time employees and nine part-time, which sometimes increases at the start of a new term.

The old bookstore location will be renovated into new space for the Food Services/Hospitality program.


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