Milford Campus employees honored for years of service

Steph Canning, Ron Petsch and Dennis Medinger (not pictured) were presented the E.W. Al Havener Award.
Front row, from left: Lori Moravec, Arlene Williams, Tom Clover, Denise Roth, and Nancy Buchli. Second row, from left: Janet Nason, Tony Delong, Beth Deinert, Mike Berg, Jerry Kumke, and Doug Reznicek. Third row, from left: Richard Sherman, James Voboril, Kirby Taylor, Loran Stara, Jim Hamilton, and Brian Liska. Not pictured: Jeff Boaz, Ronda Eggerling, Lori Goldsmith, Liz Baker, and Erika Kratochvil.
Farmers & Merchants Bank Outstanding Teacher Award nominees, from left: Elaine Vavra, Paul Buell, Jered Roth, Karl Eickhoff, John Pierce, Paul Cummins, Kate Loden, and Tammie Lang. Not pictured: Dennis Wagner.
Farmers & Merchants Bank Outstanding Staff Award nominees, from left: Stacey Harrifeld, Richard Sherman, Joy Steckly, and Jim Davenport. Not pictured: Lori Goldsmith, Kevin Kelly, Duane Roth, Cory Scott, and Cloy Stutzman.

More than 20 employees on Southeast Community College’s Milford Campus were honored for their years of service during a ceremony in July.

Employees who have worked five, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, and 35 years were recognized for their years of service. Those who have served the College for five, 10, or 15 years received a framed certificate of appreciation, along with a $10 gift certificate to the cafeteria.

Honorees who have been employed for 20, 25, or 30 years received a framed certificate and a South Pointe mall gift certificate equal to their years of service. This year, the three employees who have worked for the College for 35 years are Steph Canning, Dennis Medinger and Ron Petsch. Medinger recently retired and was unable to attend the ceremony. They not only received a SouthPointe Pavilions gift certificate, but also the honorary E.W. “Al” Havener Award plaque engraved with their name and recognition for their 35 years of service to the College.

This award is named after the late Al Havener, an instructor and program chair in Welding who was the first instructor to serve 35 years, so the College honored him with the E.W. “Al” Havener Service Award.

Since then the award has been given to employees who have served 35 years. This award recognizes faculty and staff who have dedicated their working life to Southeast Community College’s Milford Campus.

This year’s recipients have a lot in common with Havener. Their loyalty, love of SCC, and service to students are reflections of Havener’s heritage. Havener’s wife Vera, who is invited to represent her husband and participate in the ceremony, was unable to attend. However, her daughter-in-law, Donna Havener, associate registrar, stood in for her and helped present the awards. Donna also represented the Social Concerns Committee in presenting the recipients with SouthPointe gift certificates for $35.

This year’s honorees:

35 Years: Steph Canning, Accounts Receivable Specialist, Business Office; Ron Petsch, Building Construction Technology program chair; and Dennis Medinger, retired.

30 Years: Jim Hamilton, Custodian II.

25 Years: Mike Berg, Precision Machining and Automation Technology instructor; Loran Stara, Building Construction Technology instructor; Brian Liska, Assistant Parts Store Manager.

20 Years: Denise Roth, Administrative Assistant II; Nancy Buchli, Math instructor; Doug Reznicek, John Deere Tech instructor; Jeff Boaz, Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Technology and Major Appliance Professional technology program chair; Ronda Eggerling, Library Resource Center/Production Services.

15 Years: Arlene Williams, Custodian I; Tom Clover, Custodian II; Beth Deinert, Assistant Campus Director; Lori Goldsmith, Executive Administrative Assistant.

10 Years: Janet Nason, Director of Accounting/Finance

Five Years: Lori Moravec, Library Resource Center specialist; Tony Delong, Nondestructive Testing Technology instructor; Jerry Kumke, Automotive Technology instructor; Richard Sherman, Custodian I; James Voboril, Maintenance Worker I; Kirby Taylor, Precision Machining and Automation Technology instructor; Liz Baker, Residential Service manager; Erika Kratochvil, Architectural-Engineering instructor.

Nominees for the 2014 Farmers & Merchants Bank Outstanding Teacher & Staff Award also were announced.

Faculty nominees are Elaine Vavra, Manufacturing Engineering Technology; Paul Buell, Architectural-Engineering Technology; Jered Roth, Auto Collision Repair Technology; Karl Eickhoff, Diesel Technology-Truck; John Pierce, Energy Generation Operations; Paul Cummins, Electrical/Electromechanical Technology; Kate Loden, General Education; Tammie Lang, Business; and Dennis Wagner, retired.

Staff nominees are Stacey Harrifeld, Student Activities coordinator; Richard Sherman, Custodian I; Joy Steckly, Payroll/Benefit Specialist; Jim Davenport, Maintenance Worker II; Lori Goldsmith, Executive Administrative Assistant; Kevin Kelly, Information Systems Technician; Duane Roth, Lead Programmer/Analyst; Cory Scott, Network Systems Technician; and Cloy Stutzman, Maintenance Worker.

The Farmers & Merchants Bank Outstanding Teacher and Staff Awards will be presented to two faculty members and one staff member during a special ceremony in their honor on Sept. 24.


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