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Years of service awards presented to employees at SCC’s Milford Campus

35 Years Milford
35-year awards were presented to Gene Furry, left, and Ken Reinsch.
30 Years Milford
30-year awards were presented to Roger Evans and Jerry Shald (not pictured).
25 Years Milford
25-year awards were presented to Randy Walbridge, left, and Joel Dickinson.
20 Years Milford
20-year awards were presented to John Stabenow, left, and Jered Roth.
15 Years Milford
15-year awards were presented to, from left, Kevin Uhler, Jeff Slafter and Dale Lawver.
10 Years Milford
10-year awards were presented to, from left, Diane Jiskra, Stacey Harrifeld, Jeff Ives, and Charleen Baldwin.
5 Years Milford
5-year awards were presented to Doug Burks, left, Marcie DeLong and Craig Stutzman (not pictured).

Eighteen employees who work on the Milford Campus of Southeast Community College were honored July 13 for their years of service to the College.

Employees who have served SCC for 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, and 35 (fiscal) years were honored for their years of service.

35-year awards: Gene Furry, Automotive Technology instructor, and Ken Reinsch, Electrical/Electromechanical Technology instructor and program chair.

30-year awards: Roger Evans, Computer Programmer, Information Technology, and Jerry Shald, Trainer/Developer, Level 3.

25-year awards: Joel Dickinson, Admissions Representative, and Randy Walbridge, Nondestructive Testing Technology instructor and program chair.

20-year awards: Jered Roth, Auto Collision Repair Technology instructor, and John Stabenow, Physical Plant maintenance worker.

15-year awards: Dale Lawver, John Deere Ag Tech instructor; Jeff Slafter, John Deere Ag Tech instructor; and Kevin Uhler, Automotive Technology instructor.

10-year awards: Charleen Baldwin, Administrative Assistant, Construction & Electronics and Communications & Information Technology divisions; Stacey Harrifeld, Student Activities coordinator; Jeff Ives, Electronics instructor; and Diane Jiskra, Business Office accounting clerk.

5-year awards: Doug Burks, Energy Generation Operations program instructor; Marcie DeLong, Business Office accounting clerk; and Craig Stutzman, Shipping & Receiving clerk.


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