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New Director of Counseling

Jantzen has a varied background in mental health.

If you are a student overwhelmed with college and life in general, there is no shame in getting some much-needed therapy. Each student at Southeast Community College is eligible for counseling.

“I just want to be visible and vocal and really start talking about counseling and mental health,” said Kalika Jantzen, the College’s new director of counseling.  

Jantzen started in January and will offer counseling services at all SCC campuses. She also will oversee the Counseling and Assistance Program for Students. SCC students taking credit classes are eligible for up to 15 individual and 10 group sessions at no charge each academic year.

Jantzen spent years as a private practice mental health therapist in Lincoln. Prior to that she worked at CenterPointe, a nonprofit specializing in mental health and addiction treatment for low-income and homeless people in Lincoln. Jantzen worked with people with a variety of different mental health needs. She said it was rewarding when they had the “light bulb” moment.

“People would come in stressed and needed help and then eventually I would see them go, ‘oh that does make sense,’ ” she said.

Jantzen says she will keep regular hours from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., spending one day in Milford, one day in Beatrice, and the rest of the week at the Lincoln Campus. She is also supervising graduate student interns who will help out with counseling services as well.

“The needs on each of the campuses are unique; there’s different problems at each one,” she explained. “There’s anxiety, stress management issues, substance issues. I want to meet the needs of the students.”

College is one of the most stressful times in a person’s life, she said, and there should be no shame in seeking help. She hopes to diminish that stigma with mental health services.

Jantzen is originally from Sterling and attended Nebraska Wesleyan University for her undergraduate degree and Doane University for her Master of Arts in Counseling. She and her husband Nic have three children and live in Lincoln. She credits a professor at Wesleyan who instilled in her a love of psychology. As a result she discovered a career in counseling.

“I found out I was good at not judging and jumping to conclusions,” she said.

Her short-term goal in her new position is to make the CAPS program well known and utilized by many students. Her long-term goal is for the program to grow and have a counseling center at each campus. Ultimately, for everyone who walks through her door, she wants to increase their ability to thrive long-term.

“I want to be helping and educating and turning the lights on for people,” Jantzen said.

Jantzen’s office is located in J2 on the Lincoln Campus at 8800 O St. She can be reached at 402-437-2286 or kjantzen@southeast.edu.


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