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SCC donates medical supplies

donated items
Boxes of items waiting to go.
Boxes of items to go to CHI.
Faculty pack boxes for BryanLGH.

Southeast Community College’s Health Sciences programs donated hundreds of medical supplies to local hospitals. Among the supplies are gloves, masks, thermometers, and lab coats. On Wednesday, SCC faculty and staff helped load trucks of the supplies to go to Bryan Health and CHI St. Elizabeth’s Hospital in Lincoln. Others have already been delivered to medical facilities in Beatrice.

SCC is always seeking ways to help and support the communities within its 15-county area. Dean of Health Sciences, Jill Sand, said there is work that can be done to help ease the impact on those working in the medical field during this time.

“This donation will hopefully allow for more patients to be safely cared for and allow our colleagues and past graduates working in healthcare to protect themselves as they work in our fight against COVID-19,” said Sand. “We appreciate our community partnerships, and it is the least we can do to donate and support them.”

Following is a breakdown of the supplies SCC donated:

Bryan Health 

* 110 boxes of gloves (XS to XL). 

* 700 pairs of sterile gloves (varies sizes).  

* 150 gowns/disposable lab coats. 

* 20 boxes of masks (at least 50 in each). 

CHI St. Elizabeth 

* 119 boxes of gloves (XS to XL).

* 800 pairs of sterile gloves (varies sizes). 

* 200 gowns/disposable lab coats.

* 25 boxes of masks (at least 50 in each).

Beatrice Community Medical Center:  

* Around 35 boxes of gloves and masks.  

Good Samaritan-Beatrice:

* 100 thermometers.

Beatrice Health & Rehab

* 100 thermometers

Beatrice Rural Emergency Management Team

* 40 thermometers.


Andrea Gallagher
Marketing Specialist