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SCC's Lincoln Campus Conserving Water

Plattsmouth is one of many areas affected by flooding.

Southeast Community College is making every effort possible to conserve water on its campuses. Lincoln Mayor Chris Beutler issued a mandatory water restriction for the city of Lincoln due to wellfield power losses and potential depletion of the water supply.

In Lincoln, the Physical Plant, Café, Culinary, Child Development Center, and others are doing as much as possible to reduce water usage, said Bev Cummins, vice president for student affairs and Lincoln Campus director.

“We thank all of our students, staff and faculty in responding and doing everything possible to restrict water usage both on our SCC campuses and in our homes,” Cummins said.

 Here are initial steps SCC is taking until water restrictions are removed:

  • Use disposable dishes and utensils in the Child Development Center and Cafe.
  • No fleet vehicles will be washed.
  • Laundry will be done only when vitally necessary.
  • Custodians will minimize mopping and use sanitizing products instead of water.
  • No use of the showers at the Entrepreneurship Center.
  • Water and ice machines will still run, but everyone has been asked to limit use.
  • Do not run faucets unnecessarily, but continue sanitary practices.



For more information contact:
Andrea Gallagher
Marketing Specialist