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SCC students honored during Bryan Health’s Tribute to Trauma Champions

Nicholas Boruch and Taylor Graham are thankful to be alive.

The two Southeast Community College students endured extensive rehabilitation to get to where they are today. On April 22, Boruch and Graham were honored during the Seventh Annual Bryan Trauma Center's Tribute to Trauma Champions. The event took place at the Embassy Suites Ballroom in downtown Lincoln.

Boruch survived a forklift accident in April 2013 that occurred on a farm near Osceola.

Graham survived a motorcycle accident in August 2013 that occurred in Lincoln.

Boruch, who is from Osceola, is a Business Administration student on SCC's Lincoln Campus. He was 17 and a senior at Shelby-Rising City High School when his accident occurred. While working on a farm, Boruch was run over by a forklift. He was transported to Memorial Hospital in Seward, then flown to Bryan Trauma Center in Lincoln. He described the accident.

"I'm riding on the left side of it, and the next thing you know I was only holding on with one hand, and my friend that was driving it turned sharply and I lost my grip and fell off, the rear tires then ran me over," he said.

Boruch suffered collapsed lungs, injuries to his liver and spleen and a crushed foot.

"I shouldn't be here," Boruch said during the honor ceremony. "But for some reason, I am. I don't know why, but it's amazing how they did it."

Boruch has recovered from most of his extensive injuries. However, he still experiences some pain in his foot that was broken.

He spent a month in Bryan's Intensive Care Unit and three weeks at Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital.

"When I got to Madonna they asked me what my goal was, and I said I want to go home for graduation," Boruch said. "They said well, we'll make it happen."

And he did. Now Boruch is working at Osceola Implement.

Graham, a Welding Technology student at SCC, survived a motorcycle accident that happened on Aug. 29, 2013, in Lincoln. He is still in a wheelchair. The accident severely damaged the 19-year-old's spinal cord, resulting in paralysis from the chest down. Graham described the accident.

"I came up over a hill, approaching a turn lane to turn left, and there was a van with no working brake lights," he said. "I had no other option but to lock up the brakes."

He skidded for 100 feet and was thrown from the bike. He cleared a distance of about 50 feet before crashing head first into the van. The then teenager was rushed to the Bryan West Trauma Center. His injuries included a lacerated liver, bruised lung, fractured sternum, and spinal damage that left him a quadriplegic.

Dr. Reginald Burton, Trauma Center director, said that when Graham arrived, "it looked like his leg was torn off. He had a huge laceration on his leg with an open fracture with a femur fracture sticking out."

Graham also underwent extensive rehabilitation at Madonna. But he also traded his need for speed and substance abuse into regaining his independence. Graham is ninth in the United States Tennis Association's Quad Wheelchair Open Singles rankings. He posted the following on Madonna's Facebook page:

"This is not pretty by any means, but it doesn't have to be. God has truly blessed me with so much return! Never would have thought I would be able to walk without an assistive device or get around without my chair."


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