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SCC students receive scholarships

(L-R) Anita Epp, Kristin Wheatley, Edward Keifer. Not pictured: Zachary James.

Graphic design started out as a fun hobby for Anita Epp. Now she’s making a career out of it as she finishes her first year in the Graphic Design/Media Arts program at Southeast Community College.

“SCC has a great reputation for its Graphic Design/Media Arts program and is by far the most affordable,” she said.

Epp is one of four SCC students who received scholarships from the College and Community Service Organization during a breakfast April 28 at the Lincoln Campus.

The $400 scholarships are awarded to non-traditional students who achieve a 3.0 grade-point average or higher, complete 24 credit hours and declare a program of study. They must also complete an essay about their future plans.

The three other recipients are Edward Keifer, a Business Administration student from Palmyra; Zachary James, an Energy Generation Operations student from Lincoln; and Kristin Wheatley, a Practical Nursing student from Beatrice.

Once Epp heard about the CCSO scholarship, she knew it was a great opportunity she couldn’t pass up.

“The scholarship will help make school more affordable for me and my family,” she said. “When you’re in school, small things like parking passes and after-school care for the kids add up quickly. Financial aid and scholarships really make a difference.”

When Epp graduates next year, she hopes to work with local businesses and start-ups creating websites and branding.


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