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SCC students score high in SkillsUSA State Conference


More than 1,700 students, including more than 40 from Southeast Community College and The Career Academy, attended the 2018 State Leadership and Skills Conference in Grand Island and took part in more than 140 hands-on contests.

SkillsUSA is a national student organization that serves trade, industrial, technical, and health occupation students in high schools and college/technical schools. It provides quality education experiences for students in leadership, teamwork, citizenship, and character development. 

A number of students from Southeast Community College and The Career Academy came home with medals. More than 250 students will head to Nationals in Kentucky June 25-29.

Winners from SCC and TCA


  • Additive Manufacturing - College/Technical

         2nd Place: Rachel Holder, Lauri Johnson

         3rd Place: Tanner McDuffee, David Thelen


  • Automotive Service Technology - College/Technical

         2nd Place: Andrew Spangler

         3rd Place: Kale Smith


  • CNC Milling Specialist - College/Technical

         1st Place: Even Peterson     

         2nd Place: Robert Brooks


  • CNC Technician - College/Technical

         1st Place: Jack Winemiller

         2nd Place: Johnathon Mounce

  • CNC Turning Specialist - College/Technical

         1st Place: Broderick Harms


  • Commercial Baking - College/Technical

         1st Place: Cassie Belling

         2nd Place: Alexis Varndell

         3rd Place: Nga Nguyen     


  • Computer Programming

         1st Place: Leland Smith, TCA     


  • Culinary Arts

         1st Place - Hanna Christiansen, TCA

         2nd Place - Trenton Kriz, TCA


  • Culinary Arts - College/Technical

         1st Place: Kevin Carrillo

         2nd Place: Hae-Sung Chu

         3rd Place: Kelsey Coyle


  • Customer Service - College/Technical

         1st Place: Peyton Schmidt


  • Diesel Equipment Technology - College/Technical

         1st Place: Ryan Callies


  • Firefighting - College/Technical

         1st Place: Josh Forrest

         2nd Place: Bryan Hennig

         3rd Place: Justin Matthes


  • Job Skill Demonstration A

         1st Place: Chase Stanley, TCA

         3rd Place: Fatima Ayal, TCA


  • Masonry

         1st Place: Sachi Baeta, TCA


  • Motorcycle Service Technology - College/Technical

         1st Place: Jesse Worrell

         3rd Place: Josh Atanasu


  • Technical Drafting - College/Technical

        2nd Place: Craig Spilker


  • Welding Fabrication - College/Technical

         2nd Place: Brody Baer, Kyle Huxhold, Parker Micek


  • Welding Sculpture - College/Technical

2nd Place: Alex Callaway


  • Precision Machining Technology - College/Technical

         1st Place: Jacob Redinger

         3rd Place: Lane West


  • Technical Team Problem Solving - College/Technical

         1st Place: Jack Winemiller, Gustave Reiser, Craig Spilker, Matthew Kucera, Tanner McDuffee

         2nd Place: Josh Forrest, Bryan Hennig, Justin Matthes, Alexis Varndell, Shaelee Luebbe


  • State Only Welding - GTAW

         2nd Place: Jason Eppens, TCA


  • State Only Welding: OAW

         3rd Place: Micaiah Wooten, TCA     


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