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SCC wellness coordinator enjoys helping people meet their fitness goals

Allie Buesing helps a student with his reps.
Wellness Office
Allie Buesing at work in her office, which is located inside the Wellness Center on Lincoln Campus.

Southeast Community College’s new fitness and wellness coordinator is passionate about exercise, fitness and eating right. As a self-proclaimed “chubby kid,” Allie Buesing knows from firsthand experience how important it is to adapt to a healthy lifestyle.

“As a child I struggled with my weight,” Buesing said. “Even though I was pretty active, I ate all the wrong things.”

Buesing was in fifth grade when she and her mother both made a conscious effort to eat healthier. By the time she got into high school she exercised more and participated in team sports such as cross country and basketball. That’s when she knew it was more than just a lifestyle for her.

“I have a huge passion for health and wellness,” she said. “I’m excited to work with the college students.”

After graduating from Peru State College in 2015 with a degree in Exercise Science, Buesing worked at the YMCA and a health foods store before taking the Wellness Coordinator job at SCC. She is in charge of student wellness programs, running health assessments and maintaining the gym at SCC’s Lincoln Campus.

She’s also started new things like writing monthly newsletters with exercise tips and healthy recipes, starting group exercise classes and different fitness challenges to get students and staff motivated. She currently has a New Year’s Challenge and a Fitbit Challenge which both offer gift cards as prizes.

She also stresses that there’s more to health and fitness than eating and working out. It’s also about how you manage stress, getting your finances in order, getting a good night’s sleep, and not undoing it all on the weekend.

“Your health affects your entire life, your work life, your home life, and it reduces stress,” she says.

Buesing is primarily at the Lincoln Campus, but she hopes to ultimately work at all SCC locations, she said. She would love to see employee wellness programs at all campuses, including new gym equipment and workout classes.

She’s already started exercise classes at the Lincoln Campus that include Yoga, Boot Camp and Strength & Core.  Times and days of the classes are posted on the Hub each week. She also works with the Wellness Committee chair to plan wellness events focusing on the seven dimensions of wellness: emotional, physical, intellectual, occupational, environmental, social, and spiritual.

Buesing also is a certified fitness trainer through the National Strength and Conditioning Association. She enjoys developing personalized fitness plans based on individual needs. Every day is different for her, but her favorite days are when she can help someone who is struggling.

“When I have students come in and I work out with them and show them what they need to do, and then they see results, that’s rewarding to me,” she said.

She invites all students, staff and faculty to visit her in the Wellness Center with any questions about starting a workout routine or making an appointment for a health assessment.


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