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Office of the President

  • PaulOn behalf of the Board of Governors, the administration, faculty, and staff, welcome to Southeast Community College.

    SCC is committed to its mission of transforming students and the diverse communities it serves through accessible, dynamic and responsive pathways to career and technical, academic transfer, and continuing education programs, as well as lifelong learning opportunities.

    If you are a prospective student, SCC has nearly 60 program options to choose from, as well as degree, diploma and certificate options. We believe you will find a program or class that is perfect for you.

    Southeast is a vibrant two-year public institution of higher education serving a primary area of 15 counties in southeast Nebraska. SCC offers multiple locations and continues to expand its online opportunities. With high-quality career/technical and academic programs and very affordable tuition and fees, SCC provides students with tremendous opportunities to create their futures through the obtainment of new knowledge, skills and awareness. Our unique blend of career/technical programs will provide students with the skills necessary to be successful in the workforce. SCC’s programs provide students with opportunities to work with the latest equipment and technologies. Students enrolled in career/technical programs also receive high-quality instruction in academic areas to ensure they have both the technical and academic skills necessary to succeed at different organizational levels and in a variety of dynamic work environments. The first two years of a four-year degree represent the essential academic foundation. SCC’s Academic Transfer program provides students with an outstanding opportunity to obtain a high-quality academic foundation at very affordable rates. SCC offers small class sizes with instructors dedicated to instructional excellence, student success and the development of reflective and creative learners.

    The College’s 2020-24 Strategic Plan provides SCC with a roadmap to ensure it focuses on meeting student and employer demand for higher education. The plan emphasizes SCC’s student-centered focus through positive and engaging learning environments and comprehensive support services. SCC is committed to student success in the workforce and in higher education settings. The College believes that learning extends beyond the classroom and specific academic content. SCC students will have opportunities for personal and cultural enrichment through wellness programming, global and diversity education, field experiences, participation in research, academic honor initiatives, and many other challenging and engaging endeavors. The College’s outstanding faculty and staff are committed to student success and have dedicated themselves to SCC’s inspiring mission and purpose.

    We welcome students of many different backgrounds in our programs and activities. SCC values diversity and inclusion as important and integral parts of the educational process, and we continue to seek students, faculty and staff who bring a variety of life experiences and viewpoints to the College. If there is anything that you need from me or my team of professionals at the College, please contact us.



    Dr. Paul Illich