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  • Registration Instructions Office Professional

    Welcome to Office Professional Program! After applying to become a declared student in the Office Professional Program (OFFT), you must register for classes for the upcoming quarter in order to complete the admissions process. If you do not take classes next quarter, you will need to fill out another admissions application or let admissions know that you do not want to start classes next term. Admissions offices' contact information can be found on the Admissions webpage. You can choose to start in a future term, but you must let admissions know when you would like to start.

    Before you can successfully register for classes, you must complete all of the steps below.

    1. Set Your SCC Password

    If you have not already done so, you must log in to The Hub and set up your unique SCC password. To do this, use the links listed below as needed:
    What is My SCC ID and SCC Username?
    What is My Initial Password?
    What are the Password Requirements?
    How Do I Change or Reset My Password?
    Note: Additional information can be found at the SCC Help Desk page.
    You can also call 402-437-2447 or send an e-mail to if you need help.

    2. Complete the SCC College Orientation:

    If you are new to SCC (or haven’t completed the college’s orientation in the past three years), you must complete this required SCC orientation. To do this, use the link below:
    New Student Orientation Instructions

    3. Take the Keyboarding Competency Test:

    All new OFFT students must be able to demonstrate the program’s required keyboarding skill. To take a three–minute timed writing for this purpose, use the link below:
    Keyboarding Competency Test

    4. Register for Classes:

    Call the campus number below depending on which campus you are attending or selected as your campus.

    Beatrice: 402-228-3468, ext. 1332
    Lincoln: 402-437-2410

    Please make an appointment to register in person with an Office Professional advisor. If you plan to be an online student and live at a distance, please call and arrange for a telephone registration at one of the above telephone numbers.

    Register with an Office Professional Advisor on campus

    A) Be sure you have successfully completed the three steps above (SCC password, SCC college orientation and keyboarding competency test).
    B) If you owe the college money, pay the balance owed.
    C) Review class options and registration information at and call to set up your advising appointment.