Online DC Advantage Courses

  • (2018 Fall) Course Name Course Number Credits
    Principles of Accounting ACCT 1200 HSW1 4.5
    Personal Finance ECON 1200 HSW1 4.5
    *Composition I ENGL 1010 HSW1 4.5
    *College Algebra MATH 1150 HSW1 4.5
    Basic Medical Terminology MEDA 1101 HSW1 2.0
    Comprehensive Medical Terminology HLTH 1060 HSW1 4.5
    American Government POLS 1000 HSW1 4.5
    Interpersonal Relations PSYC 1250 HSW1 4.5
    Introduction to Psychology PSYC 1810 HSW1 4.5
    *Life-Span Human Development PSYC 2960 HSW1 4.5
    Introduction to Sociology SOCI 1010 HSW1 4.5
    Public Spearking SPCH 1110 HSW1 4.5

    *course requires a prerequisite be met prior to enrollment

  • Important Dates

    Registrations Due
    April 13

    Fall Semester Class Begins
    August 23

    Last Day to Drop a Fall Semester Class (with refund)
    September 5

    Last Day to Drop a Yearlong Class (no refund)
    September 22

    Fall Quarter Class Begins
    October 3

    Last Day to Drop Fall Quarter Class (with refund)
    October 11

    Last Day to Drop a Fall Semester Class (with a "W")
    November 17

    Last Day to Drop a Fall Quarter Class (with a "W")
    November 28

    Last Day of Fall Semester/Quarter Classes
    December 18