Due forecasted inclement weather, all SCC Lincoln locations will be closed Saturday, Feb. 23, 2019. All classes, activities and services are cancelled.

Online SENCAP Courses

  • 2019 Spring

    Course Name Course Number Credits
    Principles of Accounting I ACCT-1200-AC11W 4.5
    Crop and Food Science AGRI-1131-AC11W 4.5
    Ag Technology AGRI-1171-AC11W 3.0
    Principles of Marketing BSAD-2520-AC11W 4.5
    Courts & the Judicial Process CRIM-1030-AC11W 4.5
    Police and Society CRIM-2030-AC11W 4.5
    Preschool Child Development ECED-1120-AC11W 3.0
    Personal Finance ECON-1200-AC11W 4.5
    Intro to Professional Education EDUC-1110-AC11W 4.5
    Intro to Special Education EDUC-2300-AC11W 4.5
    Instructional Technology EDUC-2590-AC11W 4.5
    Energy Industry Fundamentals ENER-1100-AC11W 4.5
    Nuclear Energy ENER-2102-AC11W 4.5
    Intro to Entrepreneurship ENTR-1050-AC11W 4.5
    Basic Nutrition FSDT-1350-AC11W 4.5
    Comprehensive Med Term HLTH-1060-AC11W 4.5
    Horticulture Business Management HORT-1216-AC11W 4.5
    Information Tech Fundamentals INFO-1151-AC11W 4.5
    Windows Operating Systems INFO-1161-AC11W 4.5
    Data Communications & Networking INFO-1381-AC11W 4.5
    Basic Medical Terminology MEDA-1101-AC11W 2.0
    Interpersonal Relations PSYC-1250-AC11W 4.5
    Introduction to Psychology PSYC-1810-AC11W 4.5
    Lifespan Human Development PSYC-2960-AC11W 4.5
    Introduction to Sociology SOCI-1010-AC11W 4.5

    Fiber Courses

    2019 Spring

    Course Name Course Number Credits
    Intro. to Sociology
    M/W/F 9:00-9:50 a.m.
    SOCI 1010 ACF1 4.5
    Intro. to Sociology
    M/W/F 1:00-1:50 p.m.
    SOCI 1010 ACF2 4.5
  • Important Dates

    Last Day to Drop a Fall Semester Class (with a "W")
    November 17

    Registrations Due
    November 30

    Last Day of Fall Semester/Quarter Classes
    December 18

    Last Day to Drop a Fall Quarter Class (with a "W")
    November 28

    Spring Semester & Winter Quarter Class Begins
    January 7

    Last Day to Drop a Winter Quarter Class (with refund)
    January 14

    Last Day to Drop a Spring Semester Class (with refund)
    January 20

    Last Day to Drop a Yearlong Class with a "W"
    February 27

    Last Day to Drop a Winter Quarter Class with a "W"
    February 28

    Last Day to Drop a Spring Semester Class with a "W"
    April 3

    Last Day of Winter Quarter Classes
    March 19

    Last Day of Spring Semester Classes
    May 3

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